Five Things That You Should Avoid With Your Sugar Daddy!

Being a Sugar Baby is not an easy job! You have to be very careful in every small thing that you do, because if your Sugar Daddy gets upset then he would leave you forever. The most important aspect that you must take care of is to keep your Sugar Daddy happy. If he is happy with the relationship then he will keep providing you with gifts and money that you desire. Here are the top five things that you should always avoid with your Sugar Daddy:

  Don’t depend on him completely: Sugar Daddies usually prefer their Sugar Babies to be an independent person who loves to be spoilt. They do not mind spoiling you but they will not like it if you are fully dependent on them. So, live and enjoy your life in the same manner like you used to before meeting your Sugar Daddy.

  Don’t discuss about the bedroom experiences: Even if you are finding your Sugar Daddy to be the worst lover in the bedroom, just don’t talk about it. If you want to keep the relationship going, then you need to keep your mouth shut.

  Stop cribbing: Your Sugar Daddy is supporting you financially but that does not mean you will keep cribbing and crying about your monetary troubles. Be happy with the monthly allowance that he is giving you, as asking for more money may pressurize him to leave you forever.

  Don’t discuss about irrelevant things: Talking about kids is the last thing that a Sugar Daddy would like to listen. He doesn’t want to think about you as a mother, in fact he wants you to be his girl with whom he can spend some quality and happy moments. So, talking about irrelevant stuff during those moments can certainly make him annoyed.

  Don’t dress indecently: You should always dress well with hair and makeup done while you are with your Sugar Daddy. Don’t forget to keep your hands and feet manicured. You should wear sexy clothes that will impress him. If you are planning for a day out with him then dress appropriately for the occasion. In short, he should enjoy walking by your side.

Avoiding these things will certainly make the relationship with your Sugar Daddy stronger. All that a Sugar Daddy needs is to spend some happy moments with you and for that he is ready to spend loads of money. So, make him happy and enjoy life.