Promoter at Social Services – Freelance position

A number of positions are open for the right people.

Social Services is a company that maintain and promote different social sites to many different markets. The main business for Social Services is the website – Social Services is based in Denmark. We have five full-time employees and a number of freelancers and interns. For the right person, a job at Social Services creates an excellent opportunity to earn a good salary and maybe even create a more stable income later on.

The job consists of blog writing, promotion on social media and through national and local media. Furthermore, you will have to do support to customers in your native language. You will work with promotion of the niche dating site, which is available in more than 10 languages. You will gain control of one country, and it is your responsibility to promote the site and make it visible in media across the country of choice. If you build up a stable group of profiles, you will also be responsible for a small marketing budget to make your profile base grow even further.

To be a part of Social Services you should have excellent writing skills in your native language and you should have good communication skills in English as well. You should be creative and find new ways of promoting our website in your country. Consistency is key, and we would like to work with people who are not demotivated immediately. Promotion of Sugardaters demands a lot of spirit, creativity and consistency. To build up a stable profile base will take a long time, maybe up to a year – maybe more. Meanwhile, you will be paid per profile you get into our database and you also get a cut of the turnover in your country.
We will choose people with a lot of spirit and people who can think for themselves and do the extra work that is required to promote a site like ours. If you are familiar with terms like guerrilla and content marketing it will be an absolute plus.

Don’t apply for this job if you are looking for a full-time job. The salary is 100% based on your effort. If you want to earn money promoting Sugardaters, you should expect to spend at least 10 hours per week. In the beginning maybe even more.

We are looking for people from these countries
France, Spain, Italy, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Netherland, Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Portugal, Bosnia, Serbia – Maybe even your country as well if it is not on the list.

If you think that you are the right person for one of our openings, please write a short description of why this job suits you, and what you can contribute with. We want to build a long and lasting job relationship, so we are waiting for the right people to apply in each country.

If you are interested – write me a mail –