Nude Jennifer Lawrence OR Nude Apple iCould?

Looking at Jennifer Lawrence’s nude pics or stripping iCloud naked had given the world a temporary happiness. Lesson learnt – This world is run by sex and lust… This blog post is written especially to remind everyone that we should have our own stock of permanent happiness just a click away 🙂

Of course, Sugar Daters have to say something about this recent happening which left a huge number of people stunned with surprise for obvious reasons. People who were wishing to look at Jennifer Lawrence’s revealing pics met by an early Christmas present. People who were wondering if Apple’s reputation can ever be crushed were mocking all Apple lovers *na na na na na na!!*

Everyone has a dirty side. Some people are cool about sharing it with public, some are not. Some people do it with lovers and partners, some on the internet, some in a strip club. Some do it for money, some do it for love, some do it for lust and some for sex. The fact is, it does happen and that too in this very world we all live in.

In order to strip icloud naked, Jennifer Lawrence’s nude pics went viral but she came out of it bigger than before. May be she is quiet now but is more famous than before (even if she doesn’t want it). We bet no one remembers the names of other celebrities affected by the iCloud hack.

Apple might get a dent in reputation but it will also recover – there are people who are die hard apple customers. As the batteries of their igadgets go low they also go low on oxygen. It’s really hard to hurt this brand by breaking into its security. The comeback will be strong. People have the same relationship with Apple products and launches as they have with the people who they have been gawking at; looking (and undressing with eyes), drooling and finding an opportunity to touch. Today people want to see iPhone 6 naked before it comes in to their hands. See for yourself iPhone 6 Specs Allegedly Leak Hours Ahead of Launch. Nothing is for free mates!…get your own if you want to touch it 😉

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Go ahead and be dirty and let others be dirty with you 😉