Sex Toys – It is playtime

Sex Toys Infographic

Sex Toys Infographic
Source: Ann Summer’s Website

Did you guys think that adults don’t play?  We know you all have been watching this space for some sex talk on our dating blog. Well, here you go then.  Today we will talk about adult fun world – Sex Toys. Sex toys are not unheard of. Just like sugar dating, sex toys are also something people do hide facts about, especially if they engage in “adult fun” ;). At sugar daters, we believe, it is okay to have fun. In fact, if you know how to have good sex and please your date or partner then the whole hoo haa about “Beautiful People” campaign becomes meaningless.

So, sex toys are becoming increasingly popular. It has turned into a big industry and a few key players include Lovehoney and Ann Summers.  This is not just any other industry; it has invested significant amount in research and development, technology and innovation. Look at the infographic on the right by Ann Summers published a while back. This will be enough to convince you that time to cry over dry spell is over, you can actually go out or online to do something about your dead sex life or boring-you-out-of-your-skull dating.

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It doesn’t matter what age (legal age) category, sex orientation, race, nationality or gender you belong to, you will find a toy suitable to your needs and relationship. There used to be times when a lot of people complained about dull sex life. Those times must be over now. You have the ease of finding a date just a click away as well as all the equipment you need to keep making your dating fun. If you both are adventurous and up for it then sky is the limit. After all good sex plays a big role in everyone’s relationship. So stop reading articles on how to have good sex, how to please your man or your woman, how to win your ex back etc. Stop whining about being lonely, find your play mate now on Sugar Daters and the least you can do is to have a memorable intimate encounter in these busy times if nothing else 😉