Why this sugar daddy got into the sugar dating world?

Note: This is a contribution post by an anonymous Sugar Daddy. The views are his/her own and may not always reflect Sugar Daters views. It is posted as it is received, not alterations have been made.

It is a question I have been trying to answer myself since I began. I continue to refine the answer now about 12 months after exploring the option. As I roll the answers around in my head at times it sounds quite cogent and plausible, whiles sometimes it sounds like I am only justifying my actions.

Brief background: I am a single (divorced) man in my mid-forties, living alone with one child in college. I was married, then divorced, eventually engaged again, separated and then single once more. I’ve now lived alone for about 16 years, having dated sporadically off and on over that time.

The germ of the idea began as a bucket list item for me. Paris. I want to travel to Paris with a young woman and enjoy a good ten to twelve day vacation there. I originally proposed the idea on Craigslist, then Miss Travel and segued to Seeking Arrangement and sugar dating.

While I dove into this world, still nurturing the Paris plan, I took the opportunity to remake myself a bit and in some sense attempt to live up to my idea of a sugar daddy should be. While I may not be able to attain that goal completely I have and continue to make improvements. I have improved my financial means by getting a better paying job. I cleaned and reorder my condominium from one end to the other, making it more welcoming to female company. I’ve taken better care of myself, both grooming and dress with the goal of presenting myself better. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a slob before this but I needed to update things. I shone a light in the darker corners of my bachelorhood and swept away the cobwebs.

But why sugar dating and younger women? Why not women my own age? You see, I’ve done that. I’ve done it over and over again, dated women in my own age group. I’d only be lying if I said the prospect of intimacy and sex with a younger and most often attractive woman didn’t appeal to me. I think it appeals to most men. While I’ve had luck and not so much luck in the dating world, I’m very open to change and trying new things. Sugaring is something I had never tried before because I never really did have the means to seriously consider it.

I have now just recently realized what and why I am doing this. Although I worry the real underlying reason may be sad and pathetic, it is because it feels good to be needed and essential. I have very little close family, and while my son needs me and loves me, he is launching himself into his own life and adulthood.

So while that is the Freudian reason there are many more obvious surface explanations for why I entered into this. It’s a great fun, the rush and excitement of meeting a young attractive woman half my age and super beautiful, for cocktails somewhere posh. She’s there to meet me, to get to know me, and me her. It makes a lot of sense given many factors. It is much more difficult getting started in the world today than it used to be. Wages are low, costs up, the continuing rise of college tuition and more. That a younger woman might be attracted to an older established man is far from unusual or unheard of. The triggers of attraction for women are very different from those of men.

Modern society is rapidly changing. Today we are told you can smoke anything and anyone you want and don’t you dare judge! What that mindset will reap I don’t know. I will be long gone when the ramifications of that will reveal itself. In the meantime I am going to continue trying things, experimenting and enjoying myself.

Ginger Daddy
Minneapolis, MN, US