Top 5 motivational life advices from sugar babes

Here are the top 5 motivational pieces of life advice from 5 very different sugar babes.

The Calendar photo shoot week has been an inspiring week for the whole SugarDaters® team. Each sugar babe had a different and unique story to tell as well as surprising and shocking reasons for becoming a sugar babe. We are going to reveal 5 of the wise words we got from the sugar babes.


Sugar Daters Calendar 2016

“I live every day like it’s the last. I try to experience as much as possible otherwise I will end up having regrets. I am too young to live with regrets.”

2. Heidi

Sugar Daters Calendar 2016

“I would like to gain confidence in myself again, just as I had in the past. Now that I have been brave enough to lose 60 kg, I want to be complimented again, feel feminine and attractive.”

3. Sabine

Sugar Daters Calendar 2016







“I am looking for a casual relationship. There’s too much trouble in going out in a club and wait to be hit on. I might even not like the guy. It’s far more comfortable for me to sit at home in my pajamas and browse for the men I like.”

4. Helle

Sugar Daters Calendar 2016

“I am a recovered alcoholic. I have been disappointing my children, they had come to hate me and didn’t even want to visit or to talk to me anymore. I realised my life was falling apart so I decided to do something about it. Now they visit me and we cook together, having dinners like any other normal family. I am very proud of myself. I will never go back to those 20 minutes of happiness because I know it will completely destroy my life.”

5. Lærke

Sugar Daters Calendar 2016





“My life has not been easy, but it doesn’t put me down. This is all about fighting. I was beaten, abused, exploited, stabbed in the back, but I still stand stronger than ever before.”

We truly believe that a good advice is always welcomed, no matter how old you are, or how much or little life has challenged you. The truth is – we learn until we die. Every human being is an inspiring person and every experience makes you stronger, wiser and makes you appreciate life, whatever it’s offering. At any point, with every experience you can change your life. You just have to desire it.

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