Meet our Sugarbabe – Diana

My opinion about SugarDating has not changed since I became a SugarBabe. I have always believed that people decide for themselves what they want to do and what their ethics are. If you feel that you are able to SugarDate, without compromising, then it is the right decision.

I created a profile on SugarDaters® by chance. I was curious and wanted to find out more about the topic to see if it was something, I could be interested in. I used the site for a while without being very active. I just looked and explored. At some point, I found a handsome man and started to SugarDate him.

When I started this whole adventure I had a decent economy and my lift was in balance, I just needed some excitement and to be challenged. Even more, I needed a man by my side, who would complement me and make me happier.

I am not interested in, what other people think about me being a SugarBabe. Most people, who have something against SugarDating, are people, who do not know, what it really is and what it is about. Therefore, they often see it as prostitution. I see it as casual relationship – often with sexual advantages. Each couple decide for themselves, how they want their relationship to be.

For a year now, I have had a steady SugarDating-relationship with a man I have met on SugarDaters®. We have been to concerts, festivals, out for dinners in restaurants and have had cozy evenings at home with movies and candy as well. Of course, we also have a sexual relationship; however, this is not the essence of our relationship. He has financially contributed to me and my children being able to experience more than we were able to before.

I do not think there are any rules regarding, who can join SugarDaters® and who cannot. A SugarDating relationship is for everyone, no matter body type, looks or desire. There will definitely be someone for everyone; it is just about finding that perfect match.