Finalists in #ArtToMasterpiece competition

As we promised today we announce the finalists. Which one of them is going to win a plastic surgery? Who has the best reason? Bellow you will find a little teaser regarding their stories. Next week we will reveal their entire stories.

At SugarDaters® we received hundreds of stories from men and women who are not satisfied with their appearance. Our team has done a tremendous job to select the best of them. So here the 10 ones. Would you guess what type of surgery are they aiming for?


1. Henrietta – United Kingdom 

Henrietta (UK)“Kids in school used to call me names:black attack, black beast, ugly monster. Years later. my parents family always made fun of me at all the family functions. I was always the topic of conversation because their daughters where slim and slender. Eventually my son’s father left me, because I was overweight.”

2. Romy- Netherlands

Romy (Netherlands) “I lost 26 Kg. From 85, I went to 59; but I still have to cover my body as much as possible, because I feel very insecure”

3. Ira- Finland

Ira (Finland) ” I’m only 20-years old, and my breasts are already the size 70J”

4.Elena – Finland

Elena5 (Finland)“At the age of 17, I was the youngest person ever to get a transgender diagnosis in Finland, and I started sex reassignment surgeries when I turned 18. So far I’ve fixed my genitals and eye lids, as well as got breasts implants, liposuctions and filling for lips. Now still, one important thing is missing.

5.Vanessa – Sweden.

Vanessa (Sweden)“I have always admired woman’s bodies, blinded by their beauty and I can dream away and wish that some parts of them.

6.Maria- Sweden

.Meriem (Sweden)” As a daughter of an alcoholic dad and a single mom that was working 24-7, it was easy to fall for comfort food. At 12 years of age I weight 105kg”

7. Tanguy – France

teeth copy” Since I was 12, I knew that my smile won’t be the same anymore”

8.Anna – Portugal

backscars“Every scar has a story. But mines, are not with happy ending”


feet  “Dancing was my greatest passion ever since I was a little girl. I started when I was 6 years old and now I’m 35 and a professional dancer. But following your passion, sometimes might be painful”


10. Ida – Norway

Claudia (Norway)“When I got on a flight to London and had to ask for an extra-long seatbelt I decided that enough is enough and I started training.”

Pick your favourite story. Who do you think is going to be the winner?

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