Revealed: the first two finalist stories in #ArtToMastepriece

As we mentioned in the previous blogpost, we are going to reveal the stories of the 10 finalist in #ArtToMasterpiece competition, and their reasons. What made them dream about a plastic surgery? Find out today about Henrietta and Maria. Read their stories below.


Henrietta is telling a touching story about how her skin color was her enemy in her early years, and how her weight become a reason to be rejected by her family.

“My journey started a long time ago. The kids would make fun of my skin complexion because I’m black and my skin is relatively dark, so because I was not light in complexion, they would say things like, black attack, black beast, ugly monster, black bitch etc. They would make fun of the seize of my lips, calling me rubber lips. And if it wasn’t that it would be my weight and that’s when they were really nasty. They would get tree sticks, poke it at me, and throw food at me.”

They say kids are hard on you, especially when you are a teenager. But apparently, that happens with adults as well.

Later on, she thought she found someone to count on, and would see her the same way as her soul is: beautiful. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out like a happy ending movie:

” I met my Son’s Father and I thought ‘finally, a man that loves me for me.’ But I was wrong. I got pregnant and we had a beautiful son. It was then, I knew what true love is. After I had my son, I wanted to make sure I always looked good. But after a while, I realized he was becoming very abusive towards me and for no reason. He would call me names and make me feel so little, that I even stopped eating, because I thought, if I don’t eat, then I can’t gain any more weight. I would starve myself until I fainted in the middle of street and an ambulance came. My body was low on energy, sugar everything because I had not been eating. I hated myself so much that I just wanted to stay in my house and never come out.

I want to show not only my sons dad but to the world and everyone who has looked down on me that everyone is worth loving, I am worth Loving. I NEED this surgery so badly. Not only would it help me but it will allow me to make a difference in the life of anyone who has felt how I felt”.


Tanguy, FRANCE

Tanguy Lebrun, the French #ArtToMasterpiece finalist, feels that his smile significantly impacts his everyday life. He says: ” Smiling is for me a paradoxe. People smile when something is fun or makes them happy. But as I don’t find my smile beautiful, this makes me unhappy. It might not feel so important for people who do not have this problem, but this thought is always somewhere in my head “.

Tanguy broke one of his teeth when he was playing football in a summer camp, when he was young. At the moment, he didn’t know that this specific moment would have an impact on his entire life. By participating in the #ArtToMasterpiece competition, he would like to get back his initial smile.


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