Revealed: the swedish girls aiming for a plastic surgery

Find out the stories of  Maria and Vanessa and their reasons of having a plastic surgery.

Maria Sweden – Stomach operation

Maria is telling a moving story about that in her childhood, she grew up in a home with an alcoholic dad and a mom that is working all the time. She could only comfort herself with food and at 12 years of age, she weighed 105 kg. With the help of social services and the child obesity center, she started to lose weight and the “fat and ugly” started to fade away and her confidence increased. However, a weight loss of over 35 kg also creates problems.

Maria says that even though she is training, she just cannot get away the extra skin that she had when she was overweight: “I am only 21 years of age and my stomach is hanging like I have given birth to a lot of kids. I feel so bad about it and a surgery would not just have fixed my stomach but also my confidence.” This is why she is a participant in SugarDaters competition with the hope to win a surgery for her stomach.    


Vanessa sweden – butt lift

Vanessa is a very down-to-earth woman, full of energy and a perfectionist when it comes to her looks and her body. “You only have one life so why not live it in class, elegance and style?”

Vanessa tells that she has a “dolly looking” appearance but she has always been fit and the problem is her butt. Vanessa describes her butt like it has followed gravity and has not resurfaced. She is very happy about her body but all her self-confidence and self-esteem vanish when she sees her behind and it does not matter and it does not matter how much she excises; it does not get any better. Vanessa says “There is nothing sexier than a woman with self-confidence, that can dance around naked and arouse her man and make him worship me. My butt is so long and flat, I would like to be able to go in a bikini with my head healed high on the beach, which I have not been to do in 7 years.”  Vanessa tells that when she is focusing on her butt she can only see her faults and not what is actually right with her body.

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