Revealed: 2 other stories of our finalists

Josephine, Belgium

We received an email from a woman called Josefine. We all agree that this story is worth choosing and being published on our blog. Josefine, the Belgian dancer has problems with her feet. 24 years of dancing made her feet look tired, crooked and unattractive. Moreover, they cause pain not only when she dances, but when she walks as well. Josefine is not dancing professionally anymore, but she is still a part of the dancing world – she is a teacher. Read her story and you will find out how much she sacrificed to become who she is and how much she worked for the things she achieved.   

“Dancing was my greatest passion ever since I was a little girl. I started when I was 6 years old and I knew that my destiny is to become professional. I am single woman that was focusing on her dancing career for over 20 years. I have never really thought of having a family on my own, not by now at least. At the age of 30 I am “retired” but I work as teacher now and I have free classes with teenagers and young adults that come from problematic households. My job requires wearing heels, but at work I don’t think about the pain. It reminds me of my years of hard work. In everyday life, when I change shoes, my feet hurt so badly that I can’t walk. Therefore I have decided to get rid of my hallux. I can’t imagine my life without dancing, but I am starting to dream about having a family on my own. But can I even do that now? I feel like a handicap”.  

If you have a true passion in life, you don’t really mind if it causes pain. But what happens when your passion changes your life so much that you can’t function in a normal way? On the other hand, can you give up on something that you have been loving and doing you whole life?

Romy, Netherlands

Romy would like to win a plastic surgery in order to regain her self-confidence. She has lost 26 kilo’s after she gave birth. She never really had the strength to keep up with diets and sports, but this time she was determined to lose weight! This resulted that she dropped from 85kg to 59kg and that we find here at SugarDaters® very impressive. However, losing so much weight at once means that there can be some downsides to it as well. Namely, it resulted in having a lot of loose skin around her stomach and breasts. This makes her very insecure and it hinders her in many things in life. She would like to date, have relationships and would like to be able to have intimacy. Winning the #ArtoToMasterpiece would make her able to enjoy her life a bit more, Romy describes it as the following: “It makes me very insecure and I am not able to pay for a plastic surgery myself, otherwise I would immediately have done that! It would make me extremely happy if I do not have to cover my body as much as possible anymore! That would change my life.”