Revealed: second last 2 finalists stories

Meet our Finish finalists. Both of them have really good stories.

Meet Elena  from Finland

Our Finish Finalist from the #ArtToMasterpiece competition, Elena says, That she was a born as a transgender, so basically the only way that she can fulfill her dreams is with surgeries. “At the age of 17, I was the youngest person ever to get a transgender diagnosis in Finland, so I started sex reassignment surgeries when I turned 18”. Moreover she explains, that since she was little her greatest idol was Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt and that she wanted to be like her.

Elena desires for a nose surgery, one that would make her nose look like Victoria Silvstedt. This would make her feel complete and enjoy the life of a very beautiful woman- that she is.

Meet Ira, from Finland.

We have to admit that it was a surprise for us when we read Ira’s story. Although most of the women we got stories from wanted a breast enhancement, Ira wants exactly the opposite:smaller breats.

”I would like to get a breast reduction. I’m only 20-years old, but my breasts are already the size 70J, and they are way too big for this body. My back and shoulders hurt and it’s hard to do sports. No shirts fit me because I always need to get such a big size. Normal-sized boobs would improve my life!”

The story continues with reasons why Ira believe that having small breats it’s a better idea and how it will improve her life. Nice Ira, you could be a role model for many girls out there.