Revealed: last 2 stories from finalists

Ida Norway

We got a compelling story from Ida for the #ArtToMasterpiece competition, she has gotten through some rough patches and she was overweight and after having a son, she decided to change her life radically, she tells us: “In 2005 I got pregnant and due to complications and depressions during the pregnancy, I gain 50 kg and after that it did not stop. When I got my last son 5 years ago I decided to do something about it, I did not want to seclude myself from the world anymore, I wanted something out of life. I want to be a good mom for my kids, I want to be a part of their life and with all the extra weight and depression I could not be that. When I got on a flight to London and had to ask for an extra-long seatbelt I decided that enough is enough and I started training. In the first year I lost 50kg but even with the weight loss, I had to work very hard to gain some confidence.

I have gotten help from the Norwegian state with a stomach operation, which removed 3 kg of skin from my stomach. However, no matter how much I train I cannot get nicer breast. I went from a bra size of f to b and I would like this plastic surgery from SugarDaters® to be able to go in a bikini for the first time in 12 years.

She now wants to win the amazing competition #ArtToMasterpiece in order to win a breast surgery. She went from a F to a B size and with this surgery she would be able to go out on her bikini in 12 years. Her final words? “I want to be as good looking on the outside as I am on the inside”.

Ana, Portugal

Our Portuguese Finalist from the #ArtToMasterpiece competition,  feels that the scars on her back that accompany her, destroy her everyday life. “It’s not easy forgetting about my scars because they are big and painful, that’s why I need to get rid of them immediately” she’s been through tough times in her life and now with 29 years, she’s afraid of relationships, because of her scars. We’ve received a lot of stories these past weeks, but we’ve chosen this one as the finalist. The acne that appeared in her puberty transformed her life and stole her happiness, we at SugarDaters® want to give her an opportunity of writing a new story in her life.

Ana is trying to win the competition #ArtToMasterpiece to get access to a Plastic Surgery for her back, she says that this will completely turn her life around, she’ll gain more confidence and self-esteem that until now had been lost.