Interview with Sofia

Sofia is among one of the most popular SugarBabes on SugarDaters®. Her profile is viewed by numerous of SugarDaddies every day and her mailbox is on fire. She is a 25 year old attractive girl with nice curves, blue eyes and brown hair settled in Aarhus, Denmark. Sofia has agreed on sharing a few of the secrets behind her successful profile in an interview with SugarDaters®


Your profile is one of the most visited on SugarDaters®.com. How do you feel about that?

Honestly, I am quite surprised! Of course I know that many daddies are texting me, but I had no idea I was among the most popular SugarBabes. It is quite flattering, but also a little stressful. I already have one regular SugarDaddy that is traveling a lot. That is the reason why I still have a profile on SugarDaters® because I would like to find one more Daddy to keep me company when the other is overseas. So it is hard to take care of one daddy and still reply to messages from so many others. But I like it. Most of them are very nice and give me many compliments.


What do you think is due to your success?

I believe it is about showing who you are from the most interesting and flattering side. I have put a lot of work into making an interesting profile and I keep updating it regularly. By an interesting profile I mean making a nice profile text that stands out and having quite a few teasing and cool pictures, that show me from many angles in different situations. I am not only Sofia, the cute SugarBabe. I am also a student, who likes to hang out with friends, go shopping and partying. There is more than one side to me, so my photos are not only me posing with a dirty look.


So what is your secret behind the profile text?

I have had the profile on SugarDaters® for a few months, so I have had some time to experiment and figure out what works best for me. I think you will need different approaches if you are looking for flirts or if you are looking for a relationship – a committed SugarDaddy. I belong to the last category.


How have you been experimenting?

I have tried many different texts and put them on a trial period for a week or two, to see what kind of men they attracted. If it was too daring and flirty I experienced that I was contacted by men, who only wanted sex. I have also tried to keep it down and just describing me, like what you would say on a normal dating site, but that made me seem boring and again it attracted the wrong kind of SugarDaddy. For me it was all about finding a balance that attracted the type of SugarDaddy I am looking for. Finally I found the right combination of flirty, funny and informational. It tells who I am with a little twinkle in the eye.


Did your current SugarDaddy contact you after you had made “the ultimate profile” with the nice photo gallery and the perfect profile text?

No, not at all! I was the one who took contacted him. I don’t believe in sitting around and waiting for the perfect man is going to get me a date. If I find a SugarDaddy interesting, I take contact to him right away instead of stalking his profile every day and waiting for him to text me like I think many other SugarBabes do. They think they can only feel wanted and special if it is the guy who contacts them, but I feel just as wanted – maybe even more. The men I contact often compliment me on my pictures or ask about some of the things I wrote in my profile text. So I think it is a great combination to have a personal profile and take contact to the Daddies – it makes some really interesting conversations and keeps me busy.

But even though you have one of the most busy profiles on SugarDaters®, you only have one SugarDaddy. Why is that?

I prefer quality over quantity and my standards are high. I want a good connection and a life in luxury, and that is what my SugarDaddy gives me. I am experiencing so many things I never would have with an other Daddy and we are connecting on so many levels. I praise the gods every day for initiating contact with him and not just waiting around for the right Daddy to step up and write me a message. He actually told me that he was surprised and flattered that I was the one to text him first. I guess that is something not many SugarBabes does. I think that is one of the reasons why he took so much interest in me – because I stood out and took the initiative. But isn’t that what SugarBabes are for? To make their Daddies feel adored and wanted? I think you can say that is the biggest reason to my success. I act like a real SugarBabe, take interest in the man and start out the conversation telling him I admire him.

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