Travel with SugarDaters®

SugarDaters® is a dating service, that has grown explosively over the last couple of years. In 2013 it only covered Denmark, but today SugarDaters® covers big parts of Europe – Sweeden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia and Norway – Even in USA you find thousands of members. This opens a lot of opportunities to travel to meet other users of SugarDaters®, weather it is just to visit another city or travel to a whole new country. Some use SugarDaters® to find company, when they are on a business trip, while others use it to meet with new people, when they are on holyday. Maybe you are one of those, who has travelled to visit or had a visitor, from SugarDaters®, who was from another country?

The SugarDaters® team knows that meeting people from other countries opens up a lot of different and exciting possibilities. You can easily view the city or the country from a locals perspective and be advised where to find the best restaurant, the wildest nightclub, and what areas, are worth a visit. By meeting up with a user of SugarDaters®, it is easy to learn the things, that the guidebooks can’t teach you and see the place from another point of view.

We are curious to know, how many who actually use these opportunities to explore new places and get advice from another user of SugarDaters® and how many actually give tips on, where to go and what to see in the city or country. Therefore we would love if you would participate in this short survey.