A few words about sexual fantasies on SugarDaters..

Most of our new users sign up to the website because they’re looking for a wife/husband, a partner or a soulmate. Don’t be surprised though, if you find a person who’s looking for a lover. The lover who will make his/her dreams come true, who will fulfill sexual fantasies and who will be there strictly for sexual purposes. Such people are also welcome on SugarDaters®, because like any other dating site, its job is to connect people with similar interests.

Meet Bianca and Arthur

If you’re one of those who like to be naughty in bed, you’re in the right place. SugarDaters® is a site where everyone can feel free about desires, orientation or sexual preferences. This happened to Bianca, a girl who sent us a long and juicy e-mail. She is one of those people who’s unhappy is her sexual fantasies are not fulfilled. And trust me, her demands are quite high. Bianca described herself as a “sex monster”. She likes to experiment and try new things with different partners. In her letter, Bianca writes that sex gives her inner and outer freedom, which is one o the most important things in her life. Flirting and seducing men gives her power and self-confidence.

Broken heart

In the very beginning, her sexual fantasies were very innocent. She liked using eye bands, handcuffs and spanking. But one man changed it forever. She met Arthur, who showed her a completely new dimension of sexual pleasures. He was a bit older that her and he had a plan for her ever since they’ve met.  Arthur was a very successful and influential man. He was just as controlling as Bianca, so when their passion for sex and strong personalities met in bed “the ecstasy was indescribable”. She had no doubts that his confidence, charisma and the way he looked at her will make her fall in love with him. It lasted for a few months, until Arthur found another girl to fulfill his sexual fantasies. Bianca was left alone with libido higher than ever. “If you try once to be with a fantastic men like Arthur, you’ll never be fully satisfied with someone worse. You need someone better or at least just as good as your dream guy” – she said. Her heart was broken, her sexual life was ruined, so she decided to find a guy (or guys) who will heal her wounds and make her get her back on her horse. This is how she discovered and sign up on SugarDaters®.

Sexual fantasies on SugarDaters®

Bianca seems to be a strong and confident woman. She claims though, that sex is her great passion and at the same time, her great weakness. It plays a very important role in her life, maybe even to much. After her affair with Arthur, she tried to find another man who can be just as good as him in bed. She wrote, that it was extremely difficult. Bianca started “modestly” with threesomes, sex with a woman and BDSM, but none of these were working for her. She required this special something from each partner, like power, extreme desire or indifference in order to be sexually satisfied. On SugarDaters® she found partners that live the same life as she does: single and full or pleasure. She doesn’t need money, but money give power and confidence, and this is what she expect from men. Sometimes she think about Arthur. She doesn’t know if it was love or addiction, but she secretly wishes to meet and sleep with him again.

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