Important for Santa’s Sugar Baby competition

We have during the weekend got a lot of hot pictures from sexy Sugar Babies to our calendar – please keep them coming so we have a lot to choose from when we pick the final photos.

For those of you who haven’t contributed in our competition please give us your best shot – litteraly. And for those of you who already have uploaded a picture, remember it’s allowed to upload several pictures to improve your chances of being considered for the competition. You can take pictures from several angles, in several locations and in different outfits – only your imagination is the limit.

For pictures to be considered in the competition and for the participants to get the 100 euro each it is important that the picture is creative, tasteful and sexy. The theme of the competition is to show us how you would seduce the Sugar Santa.

You can pose in a Christmas costume or in nice red lingerie. You can bake some cookies for Santa and pose with them or cover yourself with Christmas decorations. Go into the winter wonderland to get some great shots or go to the mall to take the pictures in front of the great Christmas installation. Since it is a Christmas calendar it is very important that the team who evaluate the photos see the Christmas spirit in the photos and get a feeling that you really are trying to seduce Sugar Santa.

Let’s break it down to you, if you haven’t already uploaded a picture or if you want to improve your chances by uploading more photos:

  • The photo should be sexy, tasteful and Christmas themed.
  • The photo must show how you would seduce SugarSanta without nudity
  • The photo cannot be a profile picture from SugarDaters or in any other way be found elsewhere on the internet
  • The better the quality of the picture, the better the chances of being considered for the calendar and winning 100 euro – and maybe 3000 euro
  • You should be easy to identify on the photo so your face has to be shown – Even better if we can also see your body
  • The photo can’t contain any other persons


In general, this is the rules for the pictures your upload to the competition site. If you want to read more about the competition, look at the Terms and Conditions 

We hope to see a lot of hot, sexy, classy and most important Christmas-ish photos from all of you!

Get up and find the perfect location for the photoshoot, dress up in something classy and sexy to seduce Santa and set the perfect atmosphere for the photo with props and accessories

Get up, dress up, set up and have a lot of fun taking the perfect picture for the Sugar Santa!