Wanted! Extrovert Sugar Baby to take part in a documentary

Hey you!

Have you ever dreamed to be part of a movement that could change people worldview in regards to something that they’ve misunderstood? Or to appear on TV? Or even better! To be part of a documentary that others can get inspired by your lifestyle, actions and decisions? Say no more! we are here to make this dream come true for you!

TV 2 News is looking for sugar babies to produce long series about sugar dating. Therefore if you want your dream be on TV to come true, become famous and have a peak in your sugar baby life and to get the attention of successful sugar daddies, please get in contact with alexandra@sugardaters.com for more details.

Your story might be the one that could change people’s worldview and inspire! Remember, there is not good or bad story. There is YOUR STORY that can make a difference!