Hurry, hurry, Santa’s Sugar Baby application period is closing soon.

Hey you! Hurry up!

Did you know that the time to upload creative Christmas themed photos portraying how would you seduce the oldest generous man on Earth is coming to and end? If you have not taken yet a great shoot with you covered in white confetti or in a “hygge” setting, then maybe you should start thinking about it, because the last day of uploading creative photos is 23rd of November.

You are not convinced yet to sign up for competition? Oh please, read further!

Remember that if you decide to sign up for the competition, you have the opportunity to be granted with 100€, (if your photos are creative and Christmas themed) get a lot of exposure, meaning that you will get noticed by ALL of our sugar daddies active on SugarDaters from at least 17 countries, and the possibility to be out there in the media to inspire other sugar babies with your vision of Christmas. Maybe someone is looking for a young talent like yourself. Not to mention the huuuuuuuuge chance you are granted with once you are selected to compete for the final prize of 3000€.

We received up to 100 applications so far, so please do remember that the more creative and good quality your photo is, the greater chances you have to be one of the Santa’s Sugar Baby. 😉

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