Santa’s Sugar Baby 2016 – 12 Finalists

Santa’s Sugar Baby competition 2016 is about to come to its end. That means that all the 12 girls selected to take part in the competition, were compensate with 100€ for their creativity- how would they seduce the most generous man on Earth. There is only few more days left until the winner is revealed. Let’s take a quick look back and see who the girls were, so you can get a fair idea on which one you like the most.

In the first week of the Advent calendar were presented Sugar Babies from Greece, Romania and Poland.


Second week were presented Sugar Babies from Denmark, Romania and Finland.


The 3rd week came with Sugar Babies from Germany, Ukraine and Denmark.


Last but not least, the 4th week brought Sugar babies from Greece, Switzerland and Brazil.


If you did not cast your vote yet, no worries, you still have time to do so. All you have to do is to create a free account on SugarDaters as a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Mom and vote for one Sugar Baby belonging to a different week. You would need a Premium subscription ONLY if you would want to get in touch with them. But not for casting your vote. remember, from 25th to 31st of December, you have the opportunity to give an extra vote to that single Sugar Baby that caught you attention the most! Why would you vote for the girls? Because for you it is a small effort to make, but for them can be a new begining in 2017. Not to talk about the opportunity to get a date with one of them. See, you give sugar, you get sugar back!

Which one is your favourite? Go on SugarDaters, vote, and let them know 😉