Don’t care what other people think of you? Be UnapologeticSelf

UnapologeticSelf: Women shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are and what they do anymore.

UnapologeticSelf is a movement founded by the female coworkers at After a conducting a survey  which showed that gender stereotypes and labeling is still a big problem in society, the employees at SugarDaters® decided to stand up for women and their rights.

We live in a world where women are still being shamed and labeled if they express their sexuality or follow their instincts. Women who dress sexy and feminine are being labeled as asking for sexual attention. Women who enjoy casual sex or have multiple sexpartners are being labeled as easy and slutty.

This cannot continue!

Women has the right to decide over their own bodies without being shamed and labeled. Any woman can dress however she wants, have sex the way she wants with as many people she want. It’s her body, so why should society have a saying in what she does and does not do?

At Women’s Day 2017 the employees at SugarDaters® fight for women’s rights in regards to her body and decisions. They have created the UnapologeticSelf  Facebook Page, where daily  share motivational quotes for women that are and have been stereotype and moreover plan to share the video in premiere on 7th of March. Like and follow the UnapologeticSelf Facebook page to be the first one who shares the video on its launching day. You don’t want to miss that out!

Women are strong, independent and godesslike creatures, no one should make a womans decisions for her or try to control her actions. Tell that to your #unapologeticself.