This is why we are SugarMamas

This is why we are SugarMamas

In today’s society, it is more acceptable for an older man to date a younger woman than it is for an older woman to date a younger man. When women date younger men, they need to defend and explain their choice of partner, however, this is about to change.

More women starts to stand up and talk about their desire for younger men. We have talked to two SugarMamas that told us their story.

“I cannot be bother what people think of me, I am not ashamed to date younger men” Charlotte, 50, says.

Emily, 46: “If his mom is the same age as me, it gets me thinking”

“I have never been with a man in my own age. It has never been an alternative, I am only attracted to younger men. When I was 23, I had a man that was 16. The sex was not the best, not at the beginning but he learned with time. Young men are so eager to please and if you are open and honest, the sex will be magical. When I was 35, I was married to a man that was 24 years old, we had amazing sex and I love the strong feelings of lust, which resulted in two kids.  

After the divorce, I had a lot of complex over my body and I did not think that I could be intimate with a man again and there has been several years where I did not have sex. However, not long before the new year, me and my friends decided that we should have more sex, which is why I registered to a dating site. I put the age quite low and I was actually surprised how many answers I got. It is easier to meet online. Going out to a bar, there are too much fixated on age. Many young men think it is exciting to meet a woman my age. I get more attention from the younger men, they put me in focus in a completely different way. They are not selfish, but respectful and listen to me. It is also more exciting that they think I am some kind of sex expert. I take what I want, I am enjoying and there is no prestige. I have an idea that younger men do not want to play games, which suits me better since I am a person that is direct and clear in relationships. Many young men also say that younger woman is too fixated with their looks and cannot unleash their passion in the same way as us older woman. I am loving the compliments that I get for my body, I have regained my confidence that I thought I lost after the divorce.

What I love about young men is their looks and their energy, they are open mind and that they are spontaneous. It is of course not problem free to date young men. If he’s mom is the same age as me, it gets me thinking a little bit and I don’t want to date around the area where I live. I wish that love could be free and with no limitation for age, but there is still some way to go.”

Charlotte, 50: “sex with young men is more intense, not just a routine”

“I have been dating younger men since I was 30, I was really curious how it would be, especially when I notice that young guys in bars had an interest in me. When I date younger men, I feel like we are on the same level and I was surprised how comfortable I was with them. I think that men at my age is so grown up, many has lost the sense of childhood.

Of course, younger men are attractive but they don’t need to be fit; I prefer the type “rock boys”. They have something else, they have some other energy than older men they are not forced, they are more curious, playful and vulgar.

I also experience another type of conversation and communication. It is honest and sincere instead of the correct and predictable nature in the men that are the same age as me. I feel misunderstood since I don’t choose the political correct way to behave. Young men do not have the same norms or is so squared as older men since they are not that far in life that is has stagnated. I have opened and try to give men in the same age as me a chance but I am not attracted by them. I have never thought about that there is difference in age, that is how comfortable with younger men I am. I am looking for a steady relationship with a younger man but my worst nightmare is to fall someone that is younger and wants to have kids who will reject me due to my age. That would be very painful.”


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