Do you have a Sugar Radar? Improve it with these 6 simple steps

What is Sugar Radar? Obviously, it’s the ability to spot the successful and the ready-to-spoil. As a SugarBaby, naturally, you’re aiming for the combination of both. The challenge here is, however, not only to spot the rich, but also to predict whether the person is going to be willing and able to give you what you need.

We tend to think that our opinion about person’s wealth comes for the most part intuitively, however, it’s all about the information we collect from our observations that add up with experience. Of course, a lot depends on what you are looking for in the scale ranging from middle class, upper middle class to rich or wealthy. But only opting for the will actually enable you to not only receive some benefits that will help to get through the day, but also some valuable lessons and social connections that only come with dating the wealthy and successful. Don’t just opt for “good enough for now”. You are what you eat, what you dress and who you date. Don’t settle down for less  than you feel worthy. A smart SugarBaby knows how to spot her king or queen right away without having to kiss too many frogs.


  1. Don’t get deceived by understated looks

As we all know, looks can be deceiving. It is true that wealth can be expressed in both flashy or simplistic manner, but chances are, a truly wealthy man or woman won’t be wearing huge logos, heavy fur in summer or an excessive amount of golden accessories spiced up with diamonds (unless we’re talking new money or Instagram’s rich kids). The truly wealthy don’t need to prove to the world they have the money. Remember: display of wealth does not equal wealth.

  1.  Body language

A rich person doesn’t have to prove anything, he or she already knows their status and interacts with people in… respectful distance, exuding effortless confidence in their posture and gestures. Everybody has insecurities, though successful people are the best at disguising them. Think of pleasant presence, not rude, but not too enthusiastic either.

  1.  Hobbies and company

From yachting, to golf, to mountain climbing or exotic travelling, try to grasp an overview of a person’s lifestyle on your first conversation. Expensive hobbies are not only a good indicator of consistent flow of disposable income, but also your chance to expand your current interests. Moreover, try to figure out as soon as possible what kind of people surround your potential SugarDaddy or SugarMamma. Nothing tells about a person as the company they surround themselves with.

  1. Personal appearance

Neat, tidy and overall pleasant appearance combined with great health (let’s be honest, healthy living and quality facelift requires quite a bit of investment). We’re sure you get what we’re talking about here: the wealthy have this glow about them that can only be achieved by taking good care of their appearance with all measures available in the 21st century. Not to mention the subtle trace of niche perfume often surrounding their presence.

  1. The good stuff

Weather a car, watch or smartphone, the successful first and foremost care about both the design and, more importantly, functionality. Value of items in their world is often calculated by their properties that make dealing with daily tasks easier. Think function, quality and innovation, rather than outrageous bling.

  1. Mind the manners

A rich SugarDaddy might be a little more different from a regular rich person in a way that they do want to impress, one way or another. However, even on a hunt a wealthy SugarDaddy or SugarMamma will by no means act too extravagant or desperate.

As a sugarbabe, you not only have to be able to attract the rich, but also to maintain and enhance the level of your ability to connect with people like that. Meaning, you have to be able to have a decent conversation and exude admiration not for SugarDaddy’s or SugarMama’s money, but for their intelligence, wit and character. In other words, admire the traits and skills that made them rich, not the wealth in itself. At the end of the day, it takes some brain and guts to get somewhere in life. And that mentality should always be under your radar.

An upper middle class/new money SugarDaddy might treat you with nice stuff. A wealthy SugarDaddy is a next level experience, where nice stuff is merely a necessity. He or she might be more calculated in his risks, knowing the real value of money, but the whole experience goes way beyond eye-tricking glitter, into your new world of the privilege. Also remember, that some people simply know how to present themselves far more well-off than they actually are, so make sure your Sugar Radar is always ready to scan the subtle details that may be your one way ticket to the life you truly deserve.

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