Sugar Advisor: “Sugar is like a drug”

Oliwia Misiak, an intelligent, strategic and reflective Sugar Baby on SugarDaters®’s website had the great initiative by contacting us and offered her contribution to our blog. It was a value proposition that was truly hard to refuse. Why? Because she writes about her very own experiences. Her story, advices and tips are raw and uncompromised, she explains how people see the Sugar Dating world and how it actually is, breaking taboos, stereotypes and most importantly displaying also the not so good parts about these type of relationships. Oliwia has been Sugar Dating for 2 and a half years now and the reason why she jumped into this world that has fulfilled her on so many levels, was because she has always been attracted to older men. From now on, once a week, Oliwia, will be the author of the new initiative called  “Sugar Advisor”, where she will show the real world of Sugar Dating that will inspire not only SugarDaters® community but also people outside of this sophisticated world.

Oliwia Misiak

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The intelligent, strategic and reflective sugar baby. This blog is about a transition. Coming from nothing to sophistication and spirituality. Born in 1993, 58 kg 172 cm. Writer, cosmetologist, beauty-nerd, masseuse, and expert in communicating with a man inside and outside of bed. A Global Citizen living part time in Copenhagen in an open relationship with one of her daddies.

There are many “third world problems” in young and attractive girls’ minds. Difficult choices, which can change caviar into a random takeaway dish. These are the choices of the girls who like older men. Not “old”, remember, “older”.These girls also like money that “older” gentlemen have. Those men are experienced, goal oriented and attractive. They know what they want from life: Unpredictability, freshness and feminine attention. Attributes of a perfect sugar baby. Don’t forget about intelligence, sophistication, and class. That helps a lot in this world.

Some people call it sugar dating, some call it differently. In a perfect collaboration, these words don’t exist. Don’t even say them out loud. We know our roles, we don’t have to “name” them. It is a silent agreement.

An agreement between a young girl who wants to experience a unique journey into a “better” world and a man that can give her a one-way ticket there. Why is it one-way ticket you might ask me? Because once you taste the Crystal you will never want to go back to Carlsberg. This world is like a drug. You don’t even know when you got addicted. Beware, this text is rather cynical and my attitude towards men rather practical.

The Daddy


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Perfect gentlemen willing to give you the world in exchange for a little bit of attention and representative function. Lonely, rich and vulnerable. Little boys trapped in aging men’s bodies. Pope John XXIII once said: ”Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age”. Approved. However, all of them need their toys. It doesn’t matter if they play with cars, boats, balls or women. It never changes. What they crave the most? Acceptance. It’s a quality they rarely get from their wives, girlfriends or even mothers. Their ego is not stroked enough. In that moment, we step in. We are an escape to the extraordinary. Glamorous and fascinating ladies who will accept every millimeter of their body and soul. He will spend all hard-earned money to feel like a “man”. “Men rule the world, women rule the men”. Repeat it like a mantra. The lifeblood of men is to impress us: The fair sex.

The Sugar Baby

Oliwia's photos

Oliwia’s photo

Serving a benefactor is tiring, especially when it’s not the main goal in your life. Being ambitious and determined is appreciated but in the small dose. Intelligent sugar babies desire a success which is unaccomplishable without his help. Not only money matters. Connections, connections and once again, connections. Unreachable people for you, are his friends. Besides being introduced as his girlfriend you will need confidence, brain, and ability to drink. Drink a lot. Successful people are often drowning their sorrows in alcohol, expensive alcohol. You need to know if Cabernet Sauvignon goes with beef tenderloin. After the boozy and snazzy night, you might get a position of your dreams. Make him remember your enthusiasm, sparkle and obviously classy but sexy dress. May your smile never disappear. Treat them with respect and appreciate that you can be part of this drunk and luxurious circle. Remember that in the morning you need to look like a goddess. Learn how to drink. In the glamorous world, hangover doesn’t exist. Wealthy people suck the days dry.

Women instinctively like to parade their well-being. Not all of us, sugar baby type. We all fantasize about Chanel bag or a Tiffany ring. You have to realize something. Appetite comes with eating. In other words: The more you have, the more you want. Your expectations are growing because you think you deserve what he gives you. The key is no expectations. Don’t take anything for granted. Appreciate him. Be patient. Naughty girls are always rewarded.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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