Sugar Advisor: Blinded by master…(card)

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Don’t throw away everything at once for your sugar daddy (even though it’s tempting). Women with an independent spirit and submissive soul are the most attractive ones. Make sure to have your own apartment, friends, and work. Situated men don’t want to play with empty dolls, they want to diversify life with a responsible female. Informing him how “busy” and social you are, will pay off. He will want to spend more and more time with you. Your interference in his life will increase. Make him convince YOU that moving in together is a fabulous idea.

In the next stages, you will need to show self-control and refinement. You have to become someone between a housewife and promiscuous Sugar Baby. Don’t let him get used to one or the other. Surprise him. They adore the unpredictable and energetic side of young women.

Never, however, surprise him with an amount (too little) of money on his account, small shopping ends at 50 thousand. Doesn’t matter which currency. The woman’s most pressing dream is to go to the store and not have to look at the price. It’s a detail. Believe me, I know this feeling. Usually, it comes when I don’t have a penny in my pocket. That moment, I need it all. Don’t empty his wallet to realise your dreams, solo. Respect his mammon as your own. If he dreadfully wants to satisfy your inner shopping queen, after “long deliberation”, agree.

Recently, I heard a story from another Sugar Baby that I know, in the same situation. Lunch turned into shopping marathon. She spent 100 thousand dollars in the flow of optimism. The black MasterCard was too tempting. However, she didn’t spend a day more along her sugar daddy. Shopping went back on shelves and she went back to the reality.

Coming back to reality is petrifying. Sooner or later it will happen. It is very traumatic and a brutal realisation for non-experienced Sugar Babies. In the first stages of the “relationship” you are traveling, fine dining and seizing the days. You don’t think about the future. Smart Sugar Baby seizes today and tomorrow. She makes him unconsciously attached to her so she doesn’t have to see reality again. She gives him moments of blissful freedom and “love high”. This is what a men dreams are made of. Kinky sex and threesomes are an option. Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t be licentious. Be open to new experiences and go with the flow.

Important tip: don’t give yourself easily, he needs to show an effort. It’s part of a successful men DNA: What comes easy has no value for the man who has everything.

In my case, it’s a long distance silent agreement. After every trip, I “need” to come back to work to the country that I “want” to live in. I use apostrophes because neither of this statement is true. I could quit my job in 5 seconds and move anywhere.

Nothing is holding me there beside his consciousness that I “have” a life without him.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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