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Sucre en Suède

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Gothenburg. The second-largest city in Sweden, situated on the west coast. A mecca for wealthy and influential Swedes, just after Stockholm. I had a privilege to spend a weekend there with H. H who is my daddy. A Lost man with a sensitive soul and open heart (and wallet). I usually treat him in a cynical and practical way. He is a survivor. He survived inheriting one of the largest fortunes in Europe when he was 16. He didn’t inherit a company, furniture or houses. He got so much money that he wouldn’t have to work any minute in his life.

What do you do when you get millions at the age of 16? You move to Hawaii. You buy your first apartment with an ocean view and a Porsche. You skip the University because you already have the same fortune as Mark Zuckerberg. You learn to surf, you drive your Porsche and of course, visit your family. Father that underestimates you and bored mother drowning in Cartier. Imperceptibly passes seven years of prosperity. Enough about the benefactor for now.

Let’s get back to Gothenburg. Elite Park Avenue Hotel? Cozy and smart. Junior Suite? Checked. Massage booked? Sure. You know, that stressful life.

Lunch! Timeless romance with the Asian cuisine, Toso. Beside usual shops and restaurants excursion, I always drag, (yes, literally DRAG) H. to the places that will distinguish between memories of this city from other. The choice fell on the Gothenburg Museum of Art. The art collection is one of the finest in Northen Europe with significant Nordic and International artwork. Means, make him believe that you know more artists than Rembrandt and Mattise.

Time to hit the road! “Where?” you ask me. Course: Båstad. You have no idea what I’m talking about? Maybe easier, the Hamptons of Sweden or home to the Swedish Open tennis tournament. The must-do destination for the Swedish elite for over a century. A place where rich and bored of big cities hustle and bustle Swedes live. My Daddy happened to have a house there. Lovely cottage outside, lavish interior inside. Portraits of “loved” family, hand-made carpets and obviously salt-water jacuzzi.

What more could I ask for? One thing I can’t live without. Energy. Extreme attraction towards a man who wants to give me the world. You can call it however you want: passion, desire, chemistry or even love. Strong and barely controllable emotion. You can spread your legs and simulate thousands of orgasms but when it’s not there, you are screwed. I am screwed. We have two tempting options. We can play Prima Donnas and enjoy the glamorous lifestyle. As an alternative, we can be brutally honest about our materialistic soul. We are of course well aware of what is entailed. He will exchange you for a better and younger model. I combined these two options. “Honest” conversation is the way. It was actually honest in my case. I like this guy. He has a good and generous heart. He respects me and cares about my feelings. He is a great FRIEND. He understood. He gave me time to “work” on my sex drive. However, he doesn’t know that it’s never going to work…

I will come back home to my open-minded boyfriend and he will know what to do with me.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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