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Western Geisha


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“Geisha are full-time working artists, not sex objects. That’s the popular myth that geisha are prostitutes or subservient, glorified waitresses. They are highly skilled practitioners of traditional Japanese music and dance. Their role is to provide classical entertainment to rich and powerful Japanese men“- Fiona Graham explains. How wonderful that sounds? Why in the modern world men are not looking for cultured female company? Do we only exist to meet men’s sexual needs? Why is it so hard to return to the tradition of seduction by performing art, structured conversation and intelligence? We lost ourselves in simple needs. The world of heritage, culture, and manners cease to exist for consumerism.

Why not move the pinch of Japanese culture to the western part of the world? A refreshing wave of women is developing their skills in various fields to impress the men, excluding sexual aspect. In my imagination, modern Sugar Babies could be considered a converted version of a geisha. To be respected, admired and appreciated.“ A Danna was typically a wealthy man, sometimes married, who supported the very large expenses related to a geisha’s traditional training and other costs“. It could refer to Sugar Daddies. Men whose supports the women’s development and passions in return to be entertained by informed, open-minded and beautiful female companions. In our society there is a great pressure of the feminist movement, funny enough, geisha are the closest we can get to everyday feminists in Japan. They are strong and well-educated women serving an ambitious and intelligent man. Geisha world is the world in which flirtation and refined taste are traded. For me, it is a perfect constellation. The main goal of feminism is to prevent discrimination against women and fight for equal rights. Men and women are working, developing and celebrating one another. She is an entertainer and he pays for it, it is a simple exchange dressed in an ancient ritual. Geisha are one of the most financially independent women in Japan.

Western women lost themselves in masculine energy. They took over the role of men, forgotten about hearth and home. Crucial thing is to calm down feminism and return to the roots. Look at the geishas they sanctify their femininity above all. Their way of walking, pristine complexion, perfect makeup, and effortless subtlety. It excites men. Once I heard about a woman, a steel magnolia – outwardly delicate like a flower inside hard as steel. Geisha is the embodiment of eroticism, which doesn’t include sexuality. Find modern geisha in yourself. Provide intellectual entertainment, not sexual (at least not only). Be high-quality advisor and counselor. The movement of your body, voice, makeup, dress and highly intelligent conversation exert an impression on the man, reaching into the deepest source of sensuality. You have the right to selectively choose a mentor. You can grow your relationship with the sugar daddy and in most of the cases it is monogamous. We are not profit-oriented, Geishas are. Be innocent but not naive. If you are already offering yourself, offer the mind, not the body.

Some will name it crappy frills I call it a great inspiration and motivation.

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