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Morons are a dime a dozen

Girl on the train

Switzerland. The land flowing with milk and honey. Tax heaven. You’ve won in life if you can afford a 100€ Emmental cheese fondue. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the magical Alps. The debauchery and the richness of taste in food and life.

From Sugar Baby Diary:

Let’s go back in time to January 2017. I’m sitting in the Copenhagen airport. Departure again. Destination: Geneva. Precisely? Verbier. A village located in South-Western Switzerland. Escape to the extraordinary. A ski playground for the royalty. My Sugar Daddy owns “unimposing” chalet there. Bagatelle, a 5 room cottage with an outstanding view.

In luxurious ski resorts like Verbier, St. Moritz or Courchevel, every day looks the same. First, the elites are skiing downhill a couple of times to refresh the hangover. Then launching. Even though the temperature varies from -10°C to -15 °C, the quenched regulars are sitting outside. After all, the main function of alcohol is warming up the body and the soul.

Irresistible accessories? Moncler jackets, fox fur caps and superficial smiles. There are two reasons why they’re there. It’s either the unearthly conditions to schuss, or frequenting the salons. Great wine is flowing and tons of exquisite cheese are absorbed. What’s your role there? An excellent company. Amuse them and enjoy the liquor. After the obligatory Apres Ski. It’s quite an unusual event FOR ME. For them, it’s just a routine. Sweaty royalty drowning their sorrows in warming alcohol, in bitter and freezing mountain air. Unsurprisingly, I fell ill. Luckily, my daddy took care of me. He went out by himself. I felt relieved, I could finally rest from the fabulous lifestyle.

I’m just sitting on the train to Verbier. It’s the first time that he didn’t pick me up from Geneva Airport. Soon I will get there and experience all those “fascinating“ activities described above.

Do you know what fondue cheese reminds me of ? Sticky atmosphere. In this circle of rich people, everyone knows everyone. The combination of friendships, businesses, romances and a pinch of pretense. They are soaking like baguettes in soup. It’s abundant and greasy, yet it has a wonderful flavor and everyone is willing to try it. I’m conscious that it’s crazy to compare a social group to melted cheese. Forgive me. Sometimes I have unreasonable associations. Especially when I spend too much time with those peculiar people.

I’ve almost forgotten to mention an unforgettable weekend in…Sankt Moritz. I’ve never experienced such a splendor and peer pressure. Some places on earth are simply unlike anywhere else. I consider myself as a judgmental person (as you’ve probably noticed), but the toughest court of justice on MYSELF I have experienced right there. This is not just about the appearance and the size of your wallet. It’s about your origins, the family traditions, something you couldn’t have chosen or earned. It’s in your blood. Of course, you can buy your way into the “St. Moritz Family” but deep down you will never be one of them. The richest families in Europe have reigned there for centuries. It’s “their“ winter wonderland, not ours, the commoners.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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