Sugar Advisor: “Money may not buy happiness, but I’d rather cry in a Jaguar than on a bus”

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There are two kinds of wealthy people. Rich workaholics and slightly richer ones, both of which are celebrating “La dolce vita”. It will be harder for you to recognize the second type. They don’t flaunt their wealth. They wear old jeans and faded T-shirts. Keyword? Accessories. A rolly on his arm, a Bentley in his garage or a yacht in Saint Tropez. Keep your eyes around his head. “The primary difference between rich people and poor people is how they handle fear” – well said, Robert Kiyosaki.

There is no success without sacrifice and pain, we all know that. Statistically, women are able to stand physical pain better than men. Imagine men giving birth. However, they are better at dealing with long-term fear and pressure. That’s why we typically play a submissive role in the game widely known as BDSM. They love to dominate in bed and beyond. A Sugar Baby can be (or even should be) submissive in bed, but not so much in real life. Be devoted. You are not afraid to lose him. Tangible goods? Don’t mean anything in the light of great success. Learn that the fear is a constant companion. In my “career”, I always put everything on one card. Fight for his trust (black MasterCard in your pocket) and make him treat you as a woman and not as an object. You will be handcuffed, but only in bed.

Wealth breeds loneliness and distrust. Your circle of friends decreases. Money attracts greediness and artificiality. High-ranking Sugar Daddies carefully select their “students”. Beware. I grew up in prosperity. I have never lacked anything. I have a very healthy connection with money. The most important thing is the art of letting go. Ability to let go of earthly relation with money. They come and go. Only people addicted to worrying about money do not have them. Fear of loss, cupidity and greed are easily perceptible like the smell of cigarettes in your hair. Get rid of these features as soon as possible. Once, a wise man said: money is like women, it wants to be with people who feel free and not restricted.

Did I mention that money doesn’t give you happiness? Well, I felt something close to happiness for the first two months in hotels and boutiques. This indescribable feeling of satisfaction and satiety. Then your good friend nostalgia comes. Searching for something more. You can’t buy moments and memories, unfortunately. They drift away like 10 seconds Snapchat videos. Therefore, I advise you to Sugar Date for experiences. Yes, money can give you security for the future. However, you will never refer towards shopping the same way as to exploring Indonesian Islands. Traveling opens your mind. Shopping can only teach you basic math (adding the prices).

Do you know what I’ve learned? I’m indestructible. I came out of the worst situations with my head held high. The deal shouldn’t be based on money. He will take you to the most beautiful corners of the world the minute you forget about money. I wish you unforgettable exultation over the beauty in this world and not over the amount of money in his wallet.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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