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Imagine the sunset on a coast in Saint Tropez. Fireball on the red sky is gradually and slowly disappearing behind the horizon.Water is splashing against the walls of luxury yachts. You are wearing a silk creamy dress and observing a wonderful palette of sky colors, like in a fairy tale. Your body is healthy, smooth and tanned. You are in your top shape. What do you feel? Fear. Someone has instilled an idea of gradual aging in your mind. It has grown like a winding plant around your brain. You are afraid to cross the frightening 30-year old border.

Us, the young women, are programmed for ageing. We create this scary process in our heads. Who has set this border? Media, family, society, and men. Before 30 years old you are required to have a nuclear family and look like a fit mother from Instagram. Mode? Slow ageing and fast production. We feel undervalued and that’s the moment when desperation appears.

Currently, I live in a small town located in the suburbs of Copenhagen. For some time now I have been observing elderly couples. Over 60% held hands. There is nothing more magical than older people showing love without boundaries. Such love never expires. I recently had a meeting with a potential sugar daddy. He asked me a question. Are you afraid of ageing? Without hesitation, I answered, “Of course…I’m not”. For me, ageing is a process of growing and transforming. In my opinion, beauty comes with age. Every wrinkle is a reflection of a cheerful grin, suffer or a regret. I want to celebrate my wrinkles. My partner was very surprised by that, probably because all my predecessors fell into panic by the word “ageing”. Generally known fact says that men are ageing backward when surrounded by young women. This freshness and energy are irreplaceable, like vigour injection. Do we want to be treated as rejuvenators?

Take, for example, Gandhi. He was driven by desire. Gandhi was always walking with two young women used as his “walking sticks“. He claimed that they radiated vigor, peace, and energy that allowed him long walks in old age.

We need to build immunity for men, the pressure of society and media. Don’t let yourself be manipulated by the outside world. I know, easy to say. I’m moralising like a priest at the Mass but I sin much more than him. I am obsessed with youth. I do not remember a day without anti-age eye cream. I’m aware that my years of glory will pass. I live with this consciousness because every passing year is like a lesson. Every year I do homework from the previous one. What did I learn in last SugarDating year? Respect for myself, appreciation for him and lack of expectations. This year I would give myself a SugarBaby Master’s degree.

Recently my friend was attending a party at Leonardo DiCaprio’s “boat”. He described it as a march of desperation. Gorgeous women of different nationalities wished to be noticed by someone with a solid account. Young, limber and ready for anything. Despite the perfection, they usually feel undervalued. Why drawing the attention of idiots is their only goal? Because, as I mentioned in the first Blog Post called “Sugar is like a drug”, that could be a one-way ticket for a unique journey that can happen once in a lifetime. That is why you might torture your mind and body with constant diet and exercise to look young. You may end up being noticed by him. But remember, it’s about listening to your inner voice and sometimes asking yourself the question: what is actually good for ME?

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