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Sugar Daddy Diary

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I have the habit of burning bridges, especially when it comes to male-female relations. However, in the case of Sugar Dating, every “agreement” ended with a truce. Therefore, during my research, I decided to interview one of my sugar daddies. He shared some fascinating stories from the beginning of his experimental adventure with sugar dating. Read and see his unusual point of view.

Let’s call him C. C has always been with women who were getting addicted to his emotional and financial support. His unusual inclinations could only be fulfilled by problem with his ex-wives and previous girlfriends consisted of unofficial Sugar Dating relationships. C decided to go public and exposed himself as a Sugar Daddy. He opened a profile and started to connect with women in the community, recognizing many different approaches towards Sugar Dating. Some women did it only for financial reasons and were not attractive for him at all. He was looking for an actual relationship with a young, smart and beautiful girl. Mixing money and attraction it’s like preparing a poison. No one will come out  alive. Eventually he started setting up meetings.

One of the interesting first meetings he had was with a woman from Jylland. As a public person, he was recognizable, so she knew his background from the beginning. There was a great chemistry between the two, and they understood each other’s way of thinking. Finally, they decided to meet. Even though there was a connection which  grew into a strong friendship after a couple months of writing to each other, she still wanted their relation to be based on Sugar Dating. She clearly wanted him to support her financially. He agreed on financial terms but knew all along that he couldn’t have sex with a woman while paying her for it. No matter what she looked like, if there is no attraction and chemistry, it wouldn’t work for him. He believed that some kind of desire would come after meeting her in real life. She appeared to be amazingly beautiful and intelligent woman and suggested that after a dinner they could go to her place because she desired for more. She felt safe with him. They got close physically, yet he couldn’t feel any sexual magnetism. Kisses felt empty. For him, temptation and respect are the most important things. He is turned on by a woman’s commitment and her choice of him among other men. Feeling of deep admiration stimulates his senses. The spark of it appeared between them, though he didn’t want to have any sexual interaction. C spent delectable and inspiring time with her. She agreed that she felt the same and it would be really hard for her to receive any reward for this meeting. However, he insisted for her to follow the terms they had agreed on at the very beginning, also because he had never experienced compensating a woman for her time. C. wanted to see how it felt. However, the woman felt bad after the endeavour and they never met again. It wasn’t a love story with happy ending. He called it an exploration of the world that he has never tasted before.

Next woman that appeared on his way, showed him the same picture. Beautiful, strong and humble female. Right away he felt an attraction and energy between them. There were a good communication and peace. Her body seemed extremely feminine and erotic. He suddenly turned on sexually for the first time during his Sugar Dating experience. There were a mutual craving and potential for growing a friendship. She felt really effortless and open sexually. There was something more between them than just an agreement. Immediately after getting really close sexually, he lost all the energy. She turned from a strong woman to a sexual pleaser which gave him really hard time to focus in that situation. C realized that he preferred her more as a friend than as a lover. He hasn’t given any benefits for anything that happened between them.

So what about Sugar Dating turns him on? Every meeting with a new girl was really enjoyable and inspiring, hearing women experiences and discovering their approach. Definitely, for him a financial aspect doesn’t exist. It’s an old-fashioned part of C that enjoys the concept concept of “man taking care of a woman”. What he learned from all his Sugar Dating is that it takes a very strong woman for a man to take care of her. If you take care of a weak woman, she will lose herself and get addicted. He realized that the Sugar Baby that could turn him on could be his girlfriend. A Sugar Baby who wouldn’t need his money and has no “Gold Digger” approach to relationships. She is completely independent and content with her life. If she is like that, he can spoil her and she will not become addicted.

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