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“If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.”


I am one of those women who are not afraid to talk loudly about my experiences, negative or positive ones. I’m always honest towards my readers but I think you know this already.

Yes, I was sexually harassed and assaulted. I was offended and when I didn’t fulfill sexual expectations, I was abandoned. I simply got used sometimes being a pushover for men. Reality is brutal, especially when you write about a lifestyle that most of the people have no idea about.

Inspired by Alyssa Milano campaign I decided to share the dark side of my lifestyle.


When I began to write down my experiences, I met a great support from my family and closest friends. Words were draining out of me and the biggest inspiration was and is surrounding world. New people, continuous change of scenery and emotions associated with it. Positive attitude and motivation were seething out of me when I got the opportunity to share the world of Sugar Dating seen through my eyes.

The moment when I started posting posts I came across the waves of negative energy and hate.I met with insults and critical opinions. Most of my “friends” turned away from me thinking that I have chosen the wrong path in life and I sold myself to older, rich men. I received dozens of offensive sexual suggestions from men who assigned me to an “easy” group of women.

For me being open-minded and honest are the most important values in life. So, despite the ubiquitous hatred, I decided to continue and share my experiences. Being judged daily gives me a lot of strength and confidence. Each insult gave me more energy to show Sugar Dating from another light – that it is not a service, it is a relationship. Some seemingly interested men lost their curiosity when they found out about my unusual views. They asked me “I hope you will not write about me” and later disappeared. They feared the assessment from my side, which was of course understandable. It would be impossible to share for them with friends about my “ambitious” lifestyle. Of course, sites like SugarDaters, and any other online platforms designated to meeting people, have many dangers, because you can not be 100%sure who’s on the other side. Reckless use may provoke men to something we were not ready for.I’m not talking only about psychological but also physical violence.


I will not comment on what’s going on in Hollywood. I don’t know that environment but after the last bold statements of famous women, the same events are happening there that women experience every day around the world. Thanks to publicity and social media we can spot this problem. It’s definitely intended a “wake up call” for men and hope for women safety.


In the meantime, I go back to writing down my experiences and making free statements that don’t have the purpose of making any claim and want to encourage and inspire other women.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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