Sugar Advisor: The Most Disastrous Sugar Date Ever

The Most Disastrous Sugar Date Ever

Sugar Advisor

While being in Bali I was looking for some action. I was interested in not only touristic experiences but also sociable ones. I wanted an adventure in a paradise on earth. So…it happened.

I met an older man on one of the popular social media websites. He appeared distinguished, sophisticated and above all, rich. Ride through the rice fields on his red Vespa was a dream-come-true. Born businessman lived in Bali and ran very successful business in Europe.

In this poor part of Indonesia, he was a king. Luxurious villa with swimming pool in the most entertaining part of town, cleaning lady, and several scooter models.

What more could you ask for? He was refreshing, intelligent and smelled experienced. I found his tan with the “pirate” tattoos, strangely exciting. He took me to one of the most luxurious restaurants I’ve ever been to and there was a lot of them, I promise. Exotic Seasalt on the beach itself. I couldn’t get over how much he wanted to “catch” me on the first date. Speaking frankly, I couldn’t care less, I was more oriented anyway to a summer affair than a serious relationship. He was relaxed and chatty, the food was excellent. An evening full of flavour ended up in his villa. We decided to spend a romantic weekend in the north of the island. He booked a luxury bungalow with the seafront which turned out to be a…catastrophe.

Upon arrival to the bungalows, everything was closed. It turned out they hadn’t received our reservation. We needed to find another accommodation, ASAP. My dearest found a rather mundane looking, villa on the hill. Remember, never express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of accommodation, food or an event. You can survive in all conditions, if not, better make yourself believe that. While me trying to be ubiquitously positive, we went to the ”Italian” restaurant. If you were in Bali, you know that Italian restaurants don’t exist there. In the menu, you will find a mix of pasta, fried rice, and suspiciously looking meat. Everything covered with soya sauce and with inseparable supplement: Tempeh (fermented soybeans).

The evening brought a very interesting night. It was a mixture of vomiting, diarrhea, and fever … From my side! The illness called Bali Belly. I love to spend a “romantic” weekend with a newly discovered man, with head in the toilet. I have never felt so humiliated. Two days like a horror movie. Thankfully he behaved like a real man, showed class and responsibility. It was definitely a test for our “fresh” acquaintance and total novelty for me, how to be sick with style. I have never considered this topic before.

Nevertheless, we have no influence on that. We are all human beings and even if we try to be perfect in man eyes, showing humanity brings more value to the relationship. Did our relation develop after “spontaneous” weekend? It took him couple days to recover and digest the situation. After some time we met again, because, as he admitted, “Now it can only get better”.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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