Sugar Advisor: Panic before closing

Panic before closing

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Recently I thought about the popular phrase: “Middle Age Crisis”. How does it relate to us? Youthful, liberated and modern women? Are we just extricating older men from the apathy of life?

Meeting with men in a certain age is associated with accepting their past. Usually, these are dramatic childhoods, torn marriages, overwhelming success or a group of children. These experiences have led them to meet you. Who are you for them? The equivalent of a new life. Leaving a trauma from the past and opening a new chapter. Fun chapter. Lack of obligations, suffering and eternity in happiness and freedom.

You have to answer an important question.

Do you want to be a doll and a companion in panic before closing his best years? As a Sugar Babe, I’ve experienced a lot. It started with enchantment over the ease and sweet life with an experienced partner. Stealing kisses in the moonlight in the most luxurious hotel in Mexico. Basking in wealth, because you are young and worth it. Abandoning the future. Drawing from what is here and now. This is a wonderful resolution. You don’t have to confabulate about the future but be aware of it. As your years go by, your priorities will change. His not. You will want to stabilize. He will not. Children? You must be joking. There are some commandments to which Sugar Daddy’s will never adapt. Unless they blindly fall in love or will be influenced by mind-altering substances. Desires that they already realized, with a poor result, which you want to experience.Desires that you will not be able to give up or implement by his side.

The words “marriage” or “family” are not in his dictionary anymore. That’s why you have to be responsible and conscious Sugar Baby. Be aware that this is an airy and carefree period in your young life. The period when you make him and yourself happy. It will last until your priorities are coating. Older men, being with young women, somewhere deep are aware of your paths diverge. There is nothing unusual about it. The human thing is experiencing a new one, and discovering another. Tackling in a relationship without energy and the future does not make sense.

It is very difficult to shift-over from Porsche to a Fiat. However, if you have to choose between eternity without a car or a dilapidated wreck, choose the latter. Young men have something that the elderly lack, potential, charisma, and energy. Climbing up the ladder of success is exciting, tiring and sometimes pointless. Although, being with an adolescent can give you power and ambition. It may infect you with energy and you will never have to spend a moment next to an older guy! You will be independent and wild. Own success tastes best, everybody confirms. Just think about this Gucci purse that speaks to you from the display every time you pass it. It can be finally yours!

Incredible! I found one advantage of being with youngsters.