Sugar Advisor: Passion Follows You

“What are you passionate about?” is one of the most common questions asked among people. Whether it’s a date, a social event or a family celebration, this query initiates an interpersonal bond. We all want to know each other’s obsessions.

But what if I don’t have a passion? If I don’t have one particular thing that will interest me for the rest of my life? Am I less interesting as a person if I’m not goal-oriented and my life isn’t focused on a singular action? My answer is no.

The subconscious tunnel vision answer is yes. In our society, everything revolves around unrealistic expectations. Only if you have a job that is your passion, you are allowed to be happy. You spend your free time with people who have the same interest (see PASSIONS) because only that gives you joy. Each free minute you waste on developing your passions like running, bowling or model-making. I love the belief that the relationship is successful only when two people share their passions. Bullshit. No one will ever force me to watch football.

So what about us? “Boring” losers without purpose in life? As a child, a teenager and an adult woman I would frequently come across discrimination when I would answer the magic question with the lack of meticulous, precise response. I was advised that I have to wait and I will definitely find something that makes me happy.

I enjoy a lot of things. I find myself in various professions, sports and interests. Yet I would not attach myself to any of them until the end of my life. Why? Because life is exploration. Getting to know the new, discovering with curiosity, being passionate about the unknown. It’s that full force of energy that you put into whatever is in front of you.

Why have I chosen Sugar Dating? Because it is an undiscovered lifestyle. People do not delve into this interesting type of relationship between a man and a woman every day. It’s provocative, controversial and unusual. That’s why it’s so attractive. For me, it’s a journey. People often ask me whether Sugar Dating is my passion and how long am I going to be a Sugar Babe. The answer is one: I don’t know. Surely, until this style of life will continue inspiring me and bring something fascinating into my reality. It gives me a lot of pleasure to describe my experiences, break taboos, give advice and refer to the conventions related to Sugar Dating. At this exact moment, I am passionate about that.

Lack of location of your interests does not make you boring or unambitious. Probing, experiencing and finding new, short-lived passions is far more exciting than being a doctor. Maybe you like to help others, it brings you a good income and sounds great when you praise a job that is your passion, but as soon as you wish for something else – follow it. Even if it’s just the urge to change. Passion is not a plan. It’s a feeling.