Sugar Advisor: Tips for a first sugar date

Tips for a first sugar date

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In order to delve into the relationship and deeply get to know someone, there are those sentences that have to be spoken and those less wanted. Building trust and ties are connected with a conversation on topics that move us. By getting to know the opinion of another person, we assess whether she will be an exemplary partner to spend more than half an hour in bed. Because a deep and honest conversation is a treasure. It can be much more intimate than physicality. Here are some tips and examples on how to open your date to get to know her / his true values.

  1. Evaluate what is important for the person you meet. Each of us has different principles. For some, a family is a priority, for others growing a business. Move topics that relate to the values that he worships. In these themes, people feel lightness because everyone likes to talk about their preferences. This is our innate piece of egoism. (F, M)
  1. Ask questions. If you do not ask, you will not find out. There are several classes of questions. General questions – which can be moved primary. Private questions – which we talk about after a longer conversation or after 5 glasses of wine. Questions banned – MONEY. Even when you expect them as a sweet Sugar Babe. You do not want to be recognised as a gold-digger. That can end the conversation on an unpleasant track. (F)  Specific questions – be a good observer and ask questions related to, for example, his clothing, car or interests.
  1. Throw it lose. Casual and honest atmosphere opens us. If we start to feel at ease, the conversation will flow by itself. Don’t judge your partner, nervousness is a human feeling. (F, M)
  1. Do not expose your strong opinions or judgments. Do not touch difficult subjects. Means political correctness, preferences of skin color and sexual fetishes. This can cause consternation in the case of incompatible views or awkwardness that it’s impossible to get out of. (F, M)
  1. Never, ever, say words: marriage, relationship, dependence, stabilization, placement and consequently kindergarten. Any attempt to plan your future together before the second date-will have a definite off-putting effect. (F, M)
  1. Give each other a boost. Compliments never killed anyone and make us feel more confident which results in better energy between people.(F, M)
  1. Let’s get drunk and have sex, it’s a no go. Don’t bring up sex too soon on first dates. It may disturb the course of the date and reveal your convergent expectations. Nobody wants to go out on a horny bastard.(M)
  1. Too much ex-talk. Avoid getting into relationships from the past.Believe me, no one wants to listen how your last Sugar Daddy exchanged you for a better model and your desperation now reaches its zenith. (F)
  1. Add something. As a smart, fascinating woman and as a goal-oriented, successful man, add something special about yourself. Beyond the interesting conversation, it’s a sparkle that you will be remembered for. Present your knowledge about culture, extraordinary passions or show up as a wine connoisseur. You will be remembered as an ambitious and open-minded person. Stand out. (F, M)

F- Female (Sugarbabes) M- Male (Sugardaddies)

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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