Sugar Advisor: How to establish a Sugar Dating agreement

How to establish a Sugar Dating  agreement 

“Money, money, money,

Must be funny

In the rich man’s world”

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In an environment of beginner Sugar Babies, there are many speculations and guesses circulating around. One of them is receiving gifts, money or other material goods in the initial phase of a relationship. The girls come into the world of Sugar Dating dreaming of quick profits and the sweet life of a princess. The reality is this phase thou, is very different.

Think about it as dating with a purpose. You have to prove that you are worth something before receiving anything. It’s natural, : you don’t buy anything you haven’t seen, right? During the first meeting between man and woman – what you actually there to get – is the chemistry. Chemistry can’t be measured online, but the moment you meet, and then you know what the person is worth. He will also know what you are worth. I regard it as “ridiculous” showing up with a present on the first date. You will receive compensation because of who you are and what you can bring in his life. Not because of immediate sex. You must realize that it is about improving your “regular” life – the one that you already have. Typically, Sugar Dating is an additional resource, fulfillment of material dreams and fun or simply a lifestyle. Typically is not a way to find a husband.

After establishing closer acquaintance, you will prepare an agreement that will be beneficial for both parties. Some examples:

-Sugar Daddy supports you materially in exchange for great company. You lead separate lives. He helps with your career and personal goals, etc. Calculate your normal living costs and double it. It should make you fulfilled as a Sugar Baby.

-You are a Sugar Couple. You spend most of your time together, celebrating life. He sponsors your life, goods, and entertainment. It’s like a constant honeymoon without getting married.

You can say that I have gone beyond the conventions. I have never made any arrangement with anyone. I watched spontaneously how the situation develops. I have never asked my Sugar Daddy for anything. I’ve never suggested potential travel destinations. I was content with what he was giving me. When there are no expectations and pressure, they give a lot. Without expectations, you will not be disappointed when he suddenly cut off access to green papers or cards. No expectations mean no problems. If, however, in some way you need to get money for your rent, tuition, food or dream dress, you need to find out if you can trust him.

How to do it?

-Find out more about his business – people who have achieved success are more trustful and cultured.

-Follow his relationships with family and friends – he should treat you as part of his natural environment.Listen carefully as he speaks out about them and draw conclusions.

-Watch if he is chaotic, whether he forgets meetings or cancels them at the last minute.

If after the month of probation, he broke any of the agreements, DO NOT associate with his money for any longer. It will give you more nerves than pleasure. After all Sugar Babies should be pleased consistently. Always have pocket money for the next month’s rent, a return ticket or a full fridge. I presume that you already have a full wardrobe.

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