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Flagship Babe

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This week, I’ll tell you a story. Short and moral. Thus, I met a gentleman on our wonderful website – SugarDaters. How would I call him?  Not quite a gentleman. He wasn’t older and rich at all. He was only a little bit more “mature”and from the upper-middle social class. What does it mean? He drove Audi, owned a hacienda on the outskirts of the city and one good quality tuxedo. Our first date turned out to be an amazing success. We were drinking champagne and savoring sushi in the beautiful district of Copenhagen. Sushi on the boat, me wearing a skirt and he in the white unbuttoned shirt emphasizing his tan. Life was good. As a woman, I already saw our children running around … in my imagination. I didn’t treat him as a potential Sugar Daddy.

Tip: if you see white dress, a ring on your finger or running children, it’s a sign of potential attachment. You will not be good Sugar Babe for this man.

Chemistry was in the air and my incessant smile radiated positive energy. Of course, the first date turned into a long afternoon with deep conversations, also referring to sex. I was horny. I liked this guy and of course, I played an iceberg. We saw each other again in a few days. Less officially … I mean, he was hungover and I didn’t wear makeup. I explained it to myself: “Well, we feel relaxed with each other, that’s a great start of something special.” That day he invited me for a romantic evening. A delicious drink in a luxurious and poshy bar, with red velvet sofas mmm. I, as every idiotic woman, realised that I do not have anything to wear. So I went for an emergency shopping. I had a picture of how I want to look in my head. Sexy, but not too much. Classically and with sensitivity. Of course, I took into account the weather (around 5 degrees Celsius) and decided on a coral jumpsuit with an airy material, revealing the back and elongated legs. According to an expert (my mother), we have stated that this is the perfect outfit.

At 9 pm I was a coral goddess. Perfect makeup, a smooth fake-tanned skin, and an open mind. That night I wanted to be dominated. When the late black Audi drove up, I set off to conquer the world (ok, I’m over exaggerating), to conquer his heart. With a smile, I entered the car. After a kiss on the cheek (pheromones!), he looked at me and asked, I am quoting :”What are you wearing? Is it a Danish flag?”

I was speechless. I very rarely get comments from men about my outfit. I treat myself as a person with a sense of style. After which he added, stabbing a knife into my heart “As my Sugar Babe, you must look like a sexy Lolita, go back and put on a mini dress”. Tears came to my eyes. However, I decided to play the game. I came back to Audi looking “easy” like.

I gave him the most exquisite kisses all night. His fly almost exploded. It was hot, and that’s what it was about. After a warming evening, I asked him to take me home, of which (of course!) he was annoyed about. When we got to my block, he covered me with kisses. I even allowed him to touch my protruding melons(I mean boobs). He stated, “I can’t wait until I have you in my bed”. I pressed the door handle with laughter. I got out of the car. I lifted the nearest stone, and threw in the windshield of his sports Audi. The glass fell piece by piece, like dominoes. He was dumbfounded as I showed my middle finger and disappeared. He never saw that flagship girl again.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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