Human male’s guide to Valentine’s Day

Human male’s guide to Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, the creative team behind SugarDaters® has created a funny animation which is trying to portray what it is expected from the society to happen in a relationship both from woman’s and man’s side. It is a sarcastic approach to the image that our society imposes about how women are impressed and about what they expect from a relationship.

The tongue-in-cheek tone of our animation is aimed at superficial relationship “experts”, overly dominant alpha male internet gurus and everyone who believes that the only way to win attractive female’s attention is basically by buying her nice things.

That’s where the disappointment in the guy’s voice comes from: he is obviously approaching the issue of “getting some action” from an overall false angle.

Disclaimer: this video contains some pretty sarcastic humour. It was made to offer a good portion of laughter and not to offend anyone!

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