Sugar Advisor: Does Sex need to be part of Sugar Dating?

Does Sex need to be part of Sugar Dating?

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This is probably the most frequently asked question by people interested in the taboo topics. There are many misconceptions connected with this form of relation between two people. They come from lack of knowledge and incorrect presentation of the image by the media about Sugar Dating.Their imaginations take on various forms, and the most common, most blasphemous idea is to compare Sugar Dating to prostitution.

-The main goal of prostitution is to offer sex for money, in order to make an income.

-A daily sexual act with a number of men is a full-time job.

-It’s a transaction, physical act in exchange for money.

-This is a way of living that is widely known and appreciated by many men, also recognized as the oldest profession in the world.

-Prostitutes treat men as a job, not as individuals with feelings.

-No possibility for the future relationship.

There are many types of agreements in Sugar Dating world. Everything depends on expectations and desires. One of the most popular types of relationship is Sugar Dating based on connection. Here are a few determinants of this type of relationship:

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– Sugar Baby wants to create a bound, an ongoing relationship.

-She offers him support, companionship, and entertainment.

– SB can select a potential partner, while prostitute can’t be picky about the client.

– Yes, sex is often part of this relation.

When there are trust, chemistry, and honesty between two people, it will be only natural for them to consume a relationship and become intimate. There is no financial transaction here. Sugar Babies build an emotional bond with their partners and become part of Sugar Daddies lives.

Sugar Babies are women having regular lives. But thanks to Sugar Daddy, they can improve their status and diversify their lives. Also sexually. Experienced men teach young women self-confidence. Knowing and recognising their own value is something they will need in the future. They never talk about sex for money. It’s dating with a purpose, and the purpose is not a marriage. But remember, it’s a lifestyle, not a profession.

Another type of relationship is the so-called Sugar Dating mentorship:

-It excludes completely sexual relations and focuses mainly on friendliness and fulfilling social needs.

-The main part of this relationship is mutual support, understanding, and networking. Most men, at some point in their lives, need a close, trustful person, someone you can rely on and also play with.

-If they need sex, they will turn to other partners, prostitutes or pornography.

-This type of Sugar Babies are looking for someone who is going to be open to potentially giving monetary funds, whether it’s traveling or not being stingy with gifts. In return, they give him companionship, partner to travel with and a good listener. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement and where sex is not a part of it.

To sum up my arguments. There are many types of Sugar Couples. Everything depends on your expectations and PRIVATE agreement between two people. Sex can be part of it, but it doesn’t have to.

But let’s never call unconventional relationships, a prostitution or sex work.

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