Sugar Advisor: How to keep your sugar relationship interesting?

How to keep your sugar relationship interesting?

After some time of bathing in financial freedom with a partner who provides you with amazing experiences, intellectual and not only, stagnation may occur. You love to spend time with each other. There are attraction and energy between you, but can you eat dinners in the city 7 times a week? If you are not the type of a housewife and during this time you are not traveling, you will have to spice up your time together. It will impress him, you will explore and let new, fresh energy enter your relationship. There are many unconventional activities for couples who are open-minded and ready for adventures:

1.Hedonistic parties. There are many types of communities for couples who want to develop their interests together. Since you are a Sugar Baby, your task is to be an entertainer. You have to make the man’s senses be stimulated in every direction. One of the interesting concepts are events organised by a community called “Killing Kittens”. These are parties around the world where gentlemen and women meet in luxurious locations to fulfil their social and sexual desires. I assure you that it will spice up your relationship. A combination of traveling and meeting people with similar interests will inspire you and your partner. Fact: Everyone must wear masks during the party.

2.Erotic croquis. Very successful people have a relationship with art. Whether it is going to exhibitions, auctions or hanging pieces of art on your own walls. We are all aware of it and we are also familiar with the subject. There are many talented people who either don’t know about their abilities or don’t have time to develop them. I am not saying that you or your Sugar Daddy will become professional painters. But I think taking part in the croquis is an interesting experience. From the French “croquis” means drawing or sketching. Meetings involve a group of people sketching a person or couple at short intervals of time. Every few or several minutes person change position and drawing starts from the beginning. It is a great idea if you want to be creative and feel the artistic atmosphere. Especially for couples, I recommend “Erotic Croquis” when you sketch a couple in sexual acts. Naturalism is close to me.

3.Shibari. What is it? It’s an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage. It involves creating geometric patterns and shapes with the rope that contrast beautifully with the human body’s natural curves. Events where you can learn this art is a great entertainment for couples who want to enhance their sexuality or knowledge towards BDSM. Especially, they stimulate the masculinity of a man when he knows how to tie a woman to give her joy and pleasure. I assure you that he will be delighted!

4. Always one option is to create an open relationship. However, it requires openness, honesty, and trust. Letting a partner enjoy the charms of other women can be painful. Everything depends on your relationship. If you are open-minded enough and want to be the most interesting woman in his life, let him have intimate meetings with different women. I assure you that he will appreciate your efforts and give you the world. If an open relationship is too much, there is always a threesome to arouse lust.

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