Sugar Advisor: Safety First

Sugar Advisor: Safety First


Just like any relationship that frequently starts on the Internet, Sugar Dating may result in some challenges. At the beginning of your journey everything seems light and pleasant.

  • Do not promise anything in exchange for gifts or money.
  • Pushing your boundaries to satisfy a man will have a negative effect on your mental health – never do anything you are not ready for.
  • Agree on terms of the relationship during the first meeting. Make sure that it is a mutually beneficial agreement and he is aware of your needs and expectations.
  • Protect your personal information. Never give out details about your private life, such as address or Facebook profile (if you have a public one). The man may find out too much too soon.
  • I ALWAYS suggest a public place for the first meeting. If the man turns out to be crazy, you will have the support of people around if necessary. Meanwhile agreeing for “wine and Netflix” at his place you will probably end up with a boring, or even worse – unwanted – one-night stand.
  • We women have something in common. Stalking skills. Since some of us possess the skills to track our former friend in a separate hemisphere in seconds, we should sometimes put them to use for a background investigation of our potential sugar date. Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, (in Denmark), the address of his company and the look of the building on Google Maps (if possible). Sometimes it’s better to come prepared than to get surprised after.
  • Let someone know where you are. Whether it is a family member or a friend, somebody should know your location.
  • Make your phone number invisible on Facebook. This way when you exchange phone numbers on WhatsApp, that person will not be able to track you down.


  • In the initial phase of a relationship, if you travel together, always ask for a separate room. It is very important to have your own space and a lock on the door to close in an unpredictable situation. In the end, you are with a stranger.
  • Before meeting in another country, make sure to contact him by phone or Skype if you haven’t met him in real life. You will hear his voice and judge if he has a positive or negative tone. If he is obsessive online and your conversations are largely based on sex, it can mean that his purpose is to use you sexually rather than build a deeper relationship.
  • Always be prepared for an emergency. Have money for a return ticket home or an unforeseen stay in a foreign country.

What are the safety tips for men?

There are a lot of women scammers out there. There is a whole community of men who have been exposed and traumatized. Online sex meetings may end up bad. Some women film men in ambiguous situations to later blackmail them. We often look at women as victims but generally though – in my opinion – women can be even bigger scammers than men. Flirting, provoking with the body and promises of sexual flight into space make men more susceptible to being scammed. Whereas we as women are aware of some of the men’s behavior – we have been warned about that.

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