Safety First Part II: Gentlemen Only

Safety First Part II
Gentlemen Only

Safety and trust must be a priority, not only in the female but also the male version of Sugar Dating. As I have mentioned previously, women can be brutal using their assets (a doll face or an attractive body) to deceive gullible men who are seeking entertainment. They seem to easier fall into traps of experienced scammers. “How could women harm us? We are the cheating and the frivolous species. They are the ones who are emotional and affectionate,” you might think. However, you would be surprised how a certain profile and some provocative pictures could turn a man into a defenseless boy. A huge number of women who are financially desperate and angry towards horny masculine nature are scamming naive gentlemen. So how do you notice a trap in a perfectly looking female profile?


1. Before investing time, effort and energy make sure you have something to hold on to. It can be an email address, a phone number or a social media profile. Make sure that the person you are contacting actually exists and it’s not a persona created by a human sitting on the other side of the monitor.

2. Don’t communicate on a dating website for too long. Instead of spending time and energy on online communication, suggest meeting in real life. This will spare you the effort and you will know immediately if it is the right person for you.

3. Don’t use email that can reveal your professional domain or data regarding your employment.  Keep your identity private. Believe me, you do not want to receive suspicious messages or calls caused by your stupidity.

4. Scammer profiles disappear after some time and later reappear as new. This is caused by negative reports of previously shafted men that result in deletion of the profile. So monitor your beloved’s profile and if she suddenly disappears, you probably have been dealing with a scammer.

5. A scammer can be recognized by having just one profile photo. It is important to see a person in different settings. Make sure it is the same person. Amorphous photos can present several different people to make a profile look more realistic.

6. Do not fall into the trap of sending money to a desperate gold digger in exchange for provocative photos or videos. You do not want her to be able to verify your bank, location and account number.

7. Once you have gone through this laborious process and you meet with your chosen one, make sure you have the same expectations. People are seeking different relations and it is important that your agreement is mutually beneficial.

8.Do not expect or push a woman into anything if she does not react with openness or enthusiasm for your suggestion. Make her feel comfortable, give her space and let her decide for herself whether she wants to be in a relationship with you.

9. Beware of Gold Diggers! These women depend on a purely transactional relationship. They focus on your finances and career. They do not treat you as a potential partner or a person to build an interesting relation with. They want to suck out your cash in exchange for purely sexual services or a company of a “desperate doll”.

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