London Calling: Your Sugar Guide

London Calling: Your Sugar Guide

London is the capital of European Sugar Dating. It is known for its multiculturalism, livelihood and openness of the British. London is also one of the  financial and economic centers in Europe. What does that mean? Wealthy and hard-working Sugar Daddies. A real palette of colors, types and styles. There is plenty to choose from. I’m feeling lucky to be going there next weekend. However, not for a hunt. I’m going there with my new Sugar Daddy. A fresh and sophisticated acquaintance from our beloved website.


Who would not want to put down a blanket in Hyde Park and enjoy a spring siesta with a glass of champagne? Obligatory afternoon tea in Sketch? I love those scones with a Cornish clotted cream, not mentioning the delicious finger sandwiches. Visiting Harrods and the characteristic Liberty department store for the classic weekend shopping? It’s a must for some Sugar Babes. And of course, historical Claridge’s. The place where politicians and rich businessmen used to meet their mistresses, enjoying a drink or two before taking it upstairs to a room. However, what is the best way to end an evening in London style? Dinner in the sought-after Russian restaurant Novikov in Mayfair – a Mecca of the London Sugar Bowl (Sugar Dating environment).


Of course, I will enjoy the view from my bedroom at one of the most exclusive and elegant hotels, maybe Mayfair, Langham or Shangri-La? Perfect for demanding Sugar Babes. However, I am not going to London only to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. I want to feel this vibrant city. Camden markets? A must. Visiting the trendy and bohemian Notting Hill? Obligatory! As an experienced Sugar Babe, I have learned one thing. Shops everywhere look identical. I do not travel for material purposes, but for memories and experiences. It’s the same ground, but the landscape, people, and plants are different. That’s why it’s so important to immerse into the essence of the new corners of the world.


However, I will not decline several amazing options the city has to offer. London Eye private champagne tasting in a capsule. Breathtaking view combined with the taste of exquisite champagne, what an experience! I am also a big fan of Les Misérables musical. I know, cliché. With every visit to London, I go to the Queens Theatre to hear the exceptional performance of “I dreamed a dream”. This melody makes me incredibly sentimental.


Returning to the London Sugar Bowl. It is on a much larger scale than any European capital. On Sugar Dating sites you will find a huge community of sweet girls in this location. For sure, it’s not because of the weather (let’s face it), rather the endless possibilities that London has to offer. Finding the perfect Sugar Daddy there should not be a problem. The flow of the upper-class businessmen will keep you entertained. In the meantime, I will enjoy the weekend with my beloved handsome blue-eyed Daddy. And I will give you a thorough report of my stay in my next blog post.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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