Sugar Advisor: London Calling. A Sugar Baby Portrait

London Calling. A Sugar Baby Portrait

When meeting my London sister (a Sugar Babe), I did not really know what to expect. As I have mentioned before, the environment in the capital city of the United Kingdom is much more developed than the Scandinavian or East European countries. You can see an impact of greater opportunities and an access to more financial and economic resources. Sugar Babes expect more, think wider and above all… they think forward. They have goals they plan on accomplishing with little help from Sugar Daddies. That was also the case here.

Her name is Maria (name changed for privacy purposes). She is an ambitious, determined and firm Sugar Baby. She has a goal in life and likes a certain type of men. Maria is partially relying on some mental and financial support from an experienced, older man. She is not looking for amorous raptures. She is more interested in mentorship that would help her in mental development and a business start-up that would ensure her future. As we briefly spoke of her emotional life, she admitted that she has never been in love and that her relations with Sugar Daddies are based on friendships. Maria is basically attracted to the wrong type of guys. She is not fit for a normal relationship and considers herself as a free spirit.

She has Sugar Daddy who provides her with a safe and secure life. An older, married and trustworthy lawyer. They met on our beloved website. Who, however, could resist her? She is a 28-year-old Chilean beauty, having original, exotic charm. Long falling frivolous brown hair, perfectly curvy body and full lips. Self-confidence and branded accessories emphasize her incredible personality and looks. She explained how clear and transparent her Sugar Daddy arrangement is. It’s a great, steady relation with a monthly allowance. Which does not mean that she can’t manage without help from her SD. She is an international freelance make-up artist, so Sugar Dating is just an addition to her extensive, independent life. They complement each other. She gives him company, energy and entertainment. He supports her and gradually helps her to realize a dream of having her own beauty clinic. Meetings take place 4 times a month due to his tight schedule. Long conversations, passionate nights and luxurious entertainment like Michelin dinners, royal theaters, hidden spas and travels.

Summing up, it was a very positive, inspiring meeting. Independent women who can become entertainers without losing their determination and strength are a great motivation. Healthy Sugar Dating can bring inquisitive and extraordinary benefits to both parties. Two people create a clear arrangement, entertain each other and grow with each other. Maria is not a rare case though. Quite the opposite actually. I assure you that there are many women like her. Although they are afraid to go out in public and appear as Sugar Babes, they lead a wonderful, diversified life. I cannot wait to get to know more Sugar Babes, compare our experiences and support each other in this difficult environment. If you are one of them, let me know. I will be happy to meet you.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor


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