Sugar Advisor: Parlez-vous Français?

Parlez-vous Français?

Dear Diary, Jackpot! Yes, I finally met him, my first French Sugar Daddy. My fascination with this country began some time ago. Slowly learning the gourmet flavors of French cuisine, the unbelievably chic style of Parisians and this subtle, melodious accent. Speak to me! (Preferably dirty). Getting to know new partners is related to discovering the secrets and habits of people from different countries. Of course, everyone is different, but certain habits are deeply rooted in traditions. You will find out what features of French Sugar Daddies I discovered during our passionate romance.

French are expressive and demonstrative. They are masters in attracting attention. In social situations, they like to dominate and preach monologues (particularly culinary) on various topics. Few minutes into a conversation, I knew how to create a base for Foie Gras, how to make the chicken breast extremely tender (lemon plus rosemary) and I was made aware of the existence of mustard with mango pieces (how exotic). With an obligatory cigarette in hand, he looks more philosophical, stylish and careless. I consider myself a listener. Do not get me wrong, I have strong opinions, but when it comes to the French, I prefer to slobber over their melodic accent than the essence of conversation.

French love in an extraordinary way, temperamental and rebellious. They are passionate and open to experiments. Without going into details about my sexual life, they are wonderful lovers. Caring, unselfish and spontaneous. Knowing how to build your confidence by finding the most sophisticated compliments. Who is a French Sugar Daddy? A combination of a romantic admirer and a fiery lover.

I cannot go on without mentioning their effortless style. Combining quality materials like a puzzle that creates the spectacular whole. For me, the essence is simple elegance mixed with vintage glasses and masculine perfumes that move my imagination.

I know what I’m about to write now can be met with indignation. Yes, France radiates romantic ooh-la-la, but Paris is overrated. It lost its symbolism of the most romantic city in the world long ago. Of course, charming streets with cozy, intimate restaurants do the job, but for how long can you play the style card on a native Parisian?

Have you ever heard of Aix-en-Provence? That might be my favorite Provencal town. Natural Thermal Springs provide an amazing experience in luxury SPAs and lavender fields calm your soul from social media. French Sugar Daddies love that picturesque setting, one that encourages amorous feelings.  

I asked a befriended Sugar Baby what she thinks about French Daddies. This is the answer I received:

“My experience with French guys is a unique one. Even so like with all generalizations everyone has their own experiences and opinions, all French guys that I met were wonderful lovers with bright mind and passion that went beyond their hobbies and work and was visible in all aspects of their lives.  

Tender and caring lovers that prepared excellent French buckwheat Crepes With Ham, Cheese, and Eggs for (not that literally) sweet breakfasts in bed. Eventful nights full of classy dining and long conversations combined with fresh and surprising mornings full of white smiles and wonderful ‘good mornings’.”

Doesn’t it sound appealing?

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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