Sugar Advisor: How to tame a (drunk) game in the eyes of a man?

How to tame a (drunk) game in the eyes of a man?


A commonly known fact is that men are hunters. Chasers of women, success, and pleasure. “Dream Catchers”. When you achieve success in business and learn to draw on material benefits and pleasures, it is time to catch the right female. And what is the most exciting? The process itself. I will give you an occasional scene that took place during one of my Sugar Travels.

Location: Madrid, Restaurante Tierra del Queiles.
Scenery: Romantic weekend in Spain with my French Sugar Daddy.
Activities: Hunting and observation of game (in other women) while enjoying the Foie Gras and Eggplant in tempura with palm honey.

While appreciating a warm Spanish evening and a delicious dinner combined with a glass of fine Rioja (a local wine), we noticed a potential target. Four local cuties strongly involved in an exciting conversation. The statement of my SD was as follows: “When women meet, they have to analyze first the relationship situation of all their friends to start noticing what happens around them. Women are predictable. One hour of analysis is enough to give an (ineffective) advice to each other and complain about the male species. Later they start to see the passing reality”.

“He is 100% right”, I thought. The first question that falls from my mouth after meeting my girlfriend is “Did he call you?”.

After the excitement that brings the news from lives of friends, it’s time to look around. Perhaps they will notice a handsome Sugar Daddy (like mine), but with a note of ignorance, they will continue the dialogue. On the other hand, my Sugar Daddy was relaxed, smoking a cigarette and looking at one beautiful Spanish woman with a dominant energy. Apparently, she was bossing around her companions. She was wearing glasses and looked timid towards my French lover. Did I mention how handsome he is? Dark blue eyes, tanned skin, and blond hair, totally not French-like. I fell in love with his accent, spontaneity, and frivolity.

However, she had a pretty, almost childish face. “She should be slapped to get to know her place in line,” he summed up. She had slim, feminine arms. “Another aspect is that she is sitting down. You never know what is in the bottom, maybe she is short, disproportionate or just wide” he commented.

I had no idea that so many elements make up the  assessment of a woman. I knew that men are merciless when not desperate. Especially because he was sitting next to the Beauty Queen (aka me), so he could frivolously assess other women. I am not the jealous type; on the contrary, it amuses and inspires me. Hunt ended when the slightly tipsy girls got up. The chosen one turned out to be tall but also masculine. She did not have a female figure: “she looks like a pole”, he estimated.

This is where the observation and evaluation of a potential game ended. The only benefits of this scenario were the fun I had while recognizing the criteria guiding men towards women’s appearance.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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