What Happens in Liseleje, Stays in Liseleje

What Happens in Liseleje, Stays in Liseleje

Have you ever heard about Liseleje? Me neither. Being a global citizen, I have a rather good orientation and a sense of direction. Denmark, however, can surprise you. In addition to the touristy Copenhagen or student city of Aarhus, there is a mass of so-called “fashionable” villages. These are the places to witch wealthy Danes migrate during the summer. In Denmark, most people have a summerhouse on the banks of the cold Nordic sea. These traditional Danish holiday homes are beautiful, rustic and authentic places to enjoy the summer in the best countrysides Denmark has to offer.




Places like Hornbæk, Liseleje or Tisvilde have become known as Danish St.Tropez or “cold Hawaii”. Which is not surprising as in evenings you can observe an amazing palette of colors in the skies which reveals all its wonders in the northern light. Kilometer-long, broad, sandy beaches are not so bad either – here you will find some of the cleanest natural swimming areas in Europe.




Recently I was able to visit a place where the magic happens. All thanks to SugarDaters.com and the faith that connected me with a Danish Sugar Daddy. An amazing meeting and a week in Liseleje that followed. How would I describe Danish villages? Old wooden houses with picturesque straw roofs, soft ice cream, and… hatred hanging in the air.

We all know the concept of Jante Law. Maybe not everybody, so let me explain: It is the description of a pattern of group behavior towards individuals within Nordic countries that negatively portrays and criticizes individual success and achievement as unworthy and inappropriate. In short: If you achieved success and you have more than others, people hate you.

My Sugar Daddy and I have definitely been hated. All because of our impeccable beauty and attire, the newest Range Rover and a brand new house with a view of the sea.

So how did we spend this quaint week? There was definitely a lot of passion, in the garden, on the beach, and in the bed. Unbelievably tender grilled Danish steaks combined with snobby, fresh Rosé.


We also did some snobbish cycling along the coast and played the mini golf. Do not forget about mini golf – the only entertainment in addition to the food that pulled us out of the bed. The one who lost had to even out  the score in tequila shots. Should I indicate that I was always the one leaving the bar on my knees?

Not to mention sitting in the picturesque harbor while sipping Rosé, yet again.

Oh and THE ice cream. I’ve never met so many ice variations. Ice cream layered with whipped cream? Monster cone? Two or three scoops? Cream or guf (a gooey substance made from beating egg whites with sugar)? Sprinkles or a dollop of jam? Med Flødebolle? Did I mention that I am a very indecisive person? I really want to get married, because then I could be fat and not worry about the amount of the absorbed ice cream.

In conclusion. Handsome, sexy as heck, blue-eyed Danes? I’m on. Romantic sunsets while sipping a refreshing Rosé? Yes, please. Jealousy and envy? Nope. Pumped ice cream encouraging the formation of muffin tops? Only after getting married 🙂

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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