Sugar Advisor: Meeting a Chinese Sugar Baby

Meeting a Chinese Sugar Baby



Goal-oriented, determined and sharp. An ambitious, organized woman, from an early age set for success. China’s oriental culture requires hard work, prosperity and the highest level of respect in the family. Chinese people are super-traditionalists and explorers. The nation’s hard work policy paid off because the Chinese sightsee the world like no other.


Why then this superwoman from the most determined nation is a Sugar Baby? Because she wants more. More money, a better future and family acceptance. We all want it, however, she will do whatever it takes to get this done.


How did she look? Well-groomed, captivating and glamorous. Dark, dense hair fell on her fair skin. Her figure was emphasized by a red dress that was hugging her waist and prominent breasts.

She was aware of her assets, a confident woman in the prime of life.


Men desired her and she only wanted one thing in return. Money. A monthly allowance to put some money aside for a house. She was not interested in discovering herself, love or travel. She wanted her own financial stability. To be clear, she worked two jobs and studied. Would I qualify her for the “Gold Digger” label? Certainly, she was a Gold Digger, but a very responsible, future-oriented one.

She was not experienced in this field, quite the opposite. I would call her a “Newbie”. However, she emanated unprecedented confidence and style. Because she came from a different environment, I asked her for some hints and tips for the beginner Sugar Babes.


Be mature and cultured. This will distinguish you from other girls your age. Intelligence and taking responsibility for your actions attract people of any age. Control your emotions…I admit I’m terrible at it!


Beauty is common, yet a valuable and bright partner for a honest conversation is rare. It takes more than a hot body, so focus on development in terms of culture and business. Sugar Daddies highly appreciate women with brains.


Be cool. Let him demonstrate proper determination in an online conversation. Do not bombard him with messages and photos. No sign of desperation, self-confidence and being an “occupied” woman will awaken his desire.


The establishment of the Chinese Sugar Dating sounds familiar and mature. It’s not hard to marvel that my interviewee has an incredibly handsome Sugar Daddy in Switzerland and her monthly salary exceeds my annual income!

Despite each of us deriving from our own cultures and societies, the idea of Sugar Dating connects us. The values we want to extract from this phenomenon are very close and everyone wants to be appreciated. The perfect look should not be a determinant of our position as Sugar Baby. My Chinese “colleague” is a great example of realizing your life plan with the “help” of a prosperous man. Meetings make them happy and she has a chance to build her bright future. Chinese traditionalism, skin color or any appearance features have no meaning in the face of a woman who knows her worth and is confident. Girls, let’s get together! We are beautiful and we are worth it!

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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