Sugar Advisor: I’m a Confused Sugar Baby

I’m a Confused Sugar Baby

For the past few weeks, I have been constantly confused. Mood swings, hesitation in self-confidence and dilemmas in my emotional life. I am surrounded by a bunch of valuable, goal-oriented and successful men. I appreciate that, however, each of them expects something different. It’s hard to choose, meet the demands and draw emotional or financial benefits. Here are the types of arrangement proposals which I’ve  got:


Type 1: Exclusivity with emotional and travel benefits.

This man cares about building connection and bonding. He will not treat me superficially; his goal is a valuable relationship. Benefits would be getting a friend and accompanying him on various journeys. In short, you cannot meet other men and you have to be on standby when it comes to travel. It does not really suit me because my financial situation is not stable enough to just devote to traveling and not working.


Type 2: Purely financial benefits and careless fun.

This man offers me a monthly allowance for meeting twice a month. Exclusivity and availability at any time is a priority. The allowance is 20,000 kroner cash. A catch is  sexual openness and readiness for experiments. The big advantage is the financial freedom and the ability to set aside money that could be useful. The disadvantage is subordinating my life, lack of emotional attachment and mechanical sex. Am I worth it? Will an emotional hangover to traumatize me?


Type 3: Open Relationship.

The man offers emotional attachment and stability but at the same time freedom and permission to explore other relationships. Occasional spoiling like nice restaurants or shopping but no long-distance financial benefits or travels. The big advantages are the future of the relationship, strengthening the connection, the lack of jealousy and the possible construction of a family. The drawback is a total lack of financial support, which in my case is not the priority.


I hope you understand my confusion now. Despite being an “expert” in the field of Sugar Dating, it is sometimes hard to navigate in offers and suggestions. Every day I meet with different variations of unconventional relationships. Some men buy presence because you cannot purchase feelings. In many cases, the woman performs a representative function as an additional accessory. It is the ultimate objectification of a woman, a universal option that I hate. This happens when a woman’s financial desperation mixes with hope for the future. Unhealthy and explosive combination.


As for the first proposal, I have already tried  it before, so I would tend towards the third one. An open relationship sounds interesting; in particular, I would like to explore different types of relations. A new flat or trip will have to wait. Don’t worry, Hong Kong or Bora Bora will not run away.

I always try to feel which man is the closest to my heart and which relationship will be the healthiest option emotionally. Of course, financial benefits are very important when you want to raise the standard of your life now or in the future. However, I do not base my choice only on this. Which option appeals the most to you?

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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